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    I was wondering if there are any online documentation for the older Shimano 105 components? I noticed on the front head set the lower crown race seems to have a split in it? Is this normal, I thought most lower crown races were the press on type? Also any help is appreciated as to any documentation, or pointing in the right direction so I can rebuild the components to spec and if possible with new parts.

    Thank you
    Without sounding rude, which it probably will, but why?. I have ridden and raced bikes for years and even as a schoolboy the first 105 stuff was pants, we avioded it as it came as standard on quite cheap bikes, now old 600 and Durace is worth spending money on. Dont be confused with the way 105 sits in the present Shimano family, ie towards the top, it was the real basic, budget stuff back then.
    Alright, I see where you are coming from. Yet from what I have seen and heard the old 105 was pretty reliable in the end, if not the creme' de la creme'. I am just trying to put the bike back the way it was, thats all.

    Thanks though for the insight and info.

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