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    Any thoughts/experience on the B127 ergo track bars? i'm enticed by their shape, and am contemplating getting one with the intention of a bar setup for longer rides, probably with some road levers. I want to keep the track look and feel with something a little more comfortable.

    PS: anyone who could imbed an image for me would be really cool, cause I fail at this.
    Embedding is no longer necessary, you just paste the http link and the site does the coding for you.

    The B127 is a slight variation on the Sakae FX Modolo NJS bars from the '80s, as seen here on the bike I have been building for like ten years:

    I have to thank Otto Rax for turning me onto these, quite a helpful dood.

    Here is the B127:

    Here is a comparison (as best as I can manage):
    FX Modolo / B127

    As you can see, the bend is a liiiiitle different. I prefer the Sakae bend. That is to say, I prefer the way it looks, since I have yet to actually ride the fucking bike. Someone give me a deal on wheels and a crank(YAY PXVXY!!) P O R      F A V O R!

    There is also the EAI version of the B127, with the end of the drops removed:

    Finally, I'm not 100% certain you would be comfortable using drop levers on this bar, based on the shape... I guess I could pull out a pair and try to install them. Maybe tomorrow.
    Do you mean barcons? Bar-end levers?

    If so, I don't see why it would be a problem, except on the last one there, since there's probably not enough room for the barcon before the bend.
    Hey S_d I have some black messengers with a 48th chainring laying around. $60?
    • CommentAuthorbionnaki
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2010 edited
    if you're going to put levers on, just get some classic, sleeved road drops. nitto b-105s or 115s or 135s or noodles.

    road drops look just fine on track bikes and they're way more comfortable in my opinion. for example:
    Posted By: proudxvxyouthHey S_d I have some black messengers with a 48th chainring laying around. $60?

    What's the arm length?
    165mm I have some newer ones on my wt that are 170s if you want something longer.
    Nah, 165 is what I need. Don't happen to have a BB for it, do ya?
    We should really do this privately.
    good call
    • CommentAuthorgreg
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2010
    get a room u 2
    Greg, you should have a makeout room on the forum. Like, have a lava lamp and play some Daft Punk, maybe some beanbag chairs...
    • CommentAuthortypeDvorak
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2010
    daft punk? i would imagine a band. maybe a guy playing seinfield slap bass lines and a guy doing the pron-groove guitar-wah.
    Or hey, you could just not have music. I feel like you guys aren't focusing on the making out enough.
    ... and makeouts.

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