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    I just picked up a Guerciotti Scratch Pista Track frame, and hopefully someone on here can help me figure out sizing issues with it. First off...

    Headset- I'm currently using a Cane Creek Intagrated 110 in my Pista Concept, but when I when to swap the headset to the new frame, the bearings are WAY too loose (about 2 mm of play around the sides). What type of internal headset will work with this bike? Do Italian bikes have different sized or pitch of bearings on the headsets?

    Bottom Bracket- I currently use a Hatta R9400 with Sugino Grand Mighty Arms. I know these are English cups, and this is an Italian frame. Does anyone know if I can get Italian cups for the Hatta? If not, I guess I cannot use the Sugino 75 bottom bracket either. What do people suggest? I want to keep the Grand Mighty arms.

    Finally....seatpost size. I cannot find info on that ANYWHERE. My Pista Concept took a 27.2 seatpost, but it seems just about 1mm too loose in the frame. So maybe a 28? I wish I could find out officially what size the frame takes.

    I tried calling the company directly and NO ONE there speaks English, only Italian, and I don't have any Italian speaking friends.

    Thanks so much everyone.
    Have you tried calling Ben's? I'll do some looking, but that's where I would start.
    • CommentAuthorSkidMark
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2010
    Are you sure this Italian frame is threaded Italian?

    If you are keeping it cup and cone, then I see no reason not to use the spindle you have with a set of Italian cups.

    I'm pretty sure a Campagnolo bottom bracket would work with your Sugino arms.

    I would think an Italian bike would use a Campagnolo-spec headset. Integrated and internal are two different types of headset.

    You should direct these questions at Ben's Cycle.
    Man, they're fucking unhelpful, aren't they? I can't find squat, their catalogs have no info, their website is broken, and has no info, boo. So yeah, Ben's or another seller..
    • CommentAuthorGone
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2010
    Before you go any further measure the width of the bottom shell, if it's 70mm you can't use your Sugino axle and cups no matter what but you can use a Campy a 109mm nuovo record track bottom bracket 70-P-120 axle with your Sugino crank. Campagnolo Record headset is your best bet.
    for an affordable option, the Miche cartridge bottom bracket, which comes in either italian or english threading, works perfectly with the sugino 75 crankset, since the Miche spindle is the exact same length and iso taper as the sugino. plus the Miche costs about 30 bucks as opposed to the hundred or so that you'd pay for the 75 bracket. i use that setup right now and it works perfectly. the other option is to try and use the cups from an italian headset with the spindle from your hatta. i saw a guy on here who says he does that, but i didn't ask him if he used the bearings that matched the spindle or the ones that matched the cups. he has a white viner track bike on this site and it's the only one, so if you want to search him and then send him a message about it, feel free. but that's only if you want to use a loose ball bottom bracket, which will require you to service regularly (so you'll either have to buy the necessary tools or pay a shop to do it). if you're not hell-bent on using the best bottom bracket money can buy, i'd just use the Miche with the 75's.
    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2010 edited
    The cranks require ISO, right? So the obvious sealed bearing option is a 108/ISO Phil with Italian cups, if your budget will stand it.

    Posted By: Aldous Huxtablethe Miche spindle is the exact same length and iso taper as the sugino

    I'm not sure which site you're checking. Ben's lists the Italian/ISO Miche BB as 107mm, while the Sugino is 109. Does Miche make a longer version? I'm a geared guy, so I'm less sensitive to chainline issues than all y'all; how much flex is there in spindle length?
    according to my measurements they're both the same. and in practice they work perfectly together. my chainline is straight and true.
    plus the Miche has two adjustable cups which allow for about 5mm of adjustment in either direction. the phil has something similar, but again, it's hella expensive, so it depends on what you actually need.
    I tried calling Bens....and they were absolutely NO help. He said he would have to see the bike.

    I went into a local shop and got the headtube's a campy size. I'm going to look into the Campy Record headset, as I want something good quality for this frame.

    As for the's Italian cup size. I have both Omnium cranks, which I can get Italian cups for to replace the British, but I also have a set of Grand Mighty's which I would prefer to use. I don't want to use a low-end bottom bracket with the Grand Mighty's, so I guess Phil Wood is my only option.

    I don't want to turn this thread this direction, but I'm not sure which to go with. The Omnium's or Grand Mighty's. Suggestions?

    Thanks for all your help people. I will post pictures of this new build new. I'm selling my Concept and replacing it with this, to be a track-only bike.
    • CommentAuthorquidose
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2010
    A stock photo of a complete shows it with a Deda Elementi Metalstick seat post, which only comes in 27.2 or 31.6 (as far as I know). Process of elimination says that the seat post size Might be 31.6. I think it also shows it with a Miche headset.
    Go with the GMs and sell me the Omniums. I give you money!

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