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    • CommentAuthorsmitg10
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2009 edited
    I want to buy one of these...which is the best choice for street-riding..and MAYBE a few tricks...probably not.
    i dont want riser handlebars but will either get drop or bullhorns. this bike will be for just going fast and good control.

    The Contestants:

    -EAI Bareknuckle
    -IRO Angus
    -Masi Speciale
    -Masi Contello
    -Bianchi Pista (not concept...)
    -Leader 721tr

    this is kinda like a face-off. Price isnt much of an issue now, just, which bike is the best?
    if you have other bikes in mind that fit...feel free to mention.

    the thing is, i am 16 yrs old. almost 17(ha), i love riding and dont like to show off or ride for status and such nonsense.
    i just like to ride. and i buy everything with my own money. help?
    • CommentAuthorsixspeed
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2009
    all those are nice frames. i would get the EAI Bareknuckle.

    would you consider the EAI Toyo Godzilla? kinda overpriced though....

    Angus, just cuz it's steel and of higher quality than the Masi or the Pista. The Leader is pretty dope, if you like a real racy looking frame. The Braeknuckle is really nice, but it's kinda spensive, but if money is truly no object, the Bareknuckle.
    • CommentAuthorK3NNY
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2009
    I say go for the Leader it's cheaper and that gives you money to put towards the other components.
    • CommentAuthorJohn Tom
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2009
    DANG that toyo godzilla is really nice I would go for that is money ain't no thang, but my Angus treated me right. really great frames for the price (iro)
    • CommentAuthorbionnaki
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2009
    get the angus frameset & built it up.
    • CommentAuthorsmitg10
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2009
    hmm.. they toyo godzilla is nice but it is a lil more expensive. so im gonna consider the godzilla and bareknuckle as one frame for now and depending one how much money i have will determine which one i buy.
    BUT. how is the Soma Rush? seems alright? oh and the angus is a nice frame too!

    im gonna eliminate the two Masi's and the bianchi pista from the picture. soo. lol hows the soma rush?

    go with the the bareknuckle, its a super solid and stiff high quality frame. or get a vintage frame, and nice components, then get yourself a nice frame. theres no question that the bareknuckle is a superior frame, comparable to bianchi pista concept or fuji track pro, just made out of steel, and way less flashy.
    • CommentAuthorp e t e
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2009
    Love my Bareknuckle

    Also, haven't heard anyone with something negitive to say about them for that matter.
    • CommentAuthorsmitg10
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2009
    EAI BK - $735
    Angus- $349
    Soma Rush- $389
    Fuji Track Complete - $475
    Mercier Kilo TT Complete - $349.99

    why is the kilo so cheap? is it good?
    The Kilo TT is okay, the BB is shit, the headset is iffy, the pedals are total shit, the bars suck, but the wheels are not too bad, and the frame and fork are not bad, if a little flexy. I'd say steer away from the Kilo TT if you are looking for a flashy speed machine, but it has served me pretty well. If you want a shit bike you can beat on, then it's good for that.
    I ride a EAI BK and love it. The BK frame replaced an IRO I was riding, along with a Pake (which is in the sale area of frames as many of those you posted). The BK is GREATLY better than the IRO and Pake I was riding.

    It really depends what you can afford. Is this your first fixed? If so, you might want to start with something cheaper to make sure you are serious about riding. If you are, than upgrade later.

    However, out of al those frames, I would put the EAI on top, and IRO second.
    • CommentAuthoryoxscotty
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2009 edited
    i don't have much experience with Masi bikes, so i'll skip over those.

    but, as far as the IRO angus is concerned, i think a better choice is the KHS flite 100. much cheaper, better geometry. i've ridden both frames and preferred the KHS flite 100. so much so that i purchased one. the KHS is super fast and of the best steel frame rides i've ever had. keep in mind, i ride a 2006 khs flite 100 60cm; ridgid!

    the EAI is amazing, guarenteed. but the difference isn't as noticeable as you'd imagine when comparing it to the KHS. or, should i say the difference isn't worth the $400+.

    i'm not saying the KHS is one of the best bikes out there...i simply think it should be a solid contender in this discussion. opinons?
    • CommentAuthorAaron C
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2009
    if im not mistaken (maybe i am) the flite 100 is the exact same frameset as the tt.
    The flight 100 is good for the money. The bareknuckle might be overkill for your first fixie, you should get a pake frame, and build up the frame with nice components. Not only will you end up with a nicer bike in the long run, but when you do upgrade your frame, you'll be a lot more knowledgeable about your bike and parts.
    • CommentAuthoryoxscotty
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2009 edited
    totally agree with effin siggy. investing in parts vs an expensive frame off the bat is how i built my bike and it has certainly paid off in the long run. and my bike was sweet and i gained a lot of useful knowledge fast.

    and yes, the flite 100 is the same frameset as the Mercier Kilo TT; reynolds 520.
    I also replaced my pake with a bareknuckle and nice parts. It is an insane difference. The bareknuck is much stiffer and lighter than my pake by leaps and bounds. But it is no means a beginner frame. It insanely switchy and has absolutely insane overlap, and also $750. I'd say get a pake. It's closer to track geometry than an iro or other beginner track frames that are just single speed road bikes. It's also pretty fucking sturdy.

    Edit: the iro angus barspins a 700c if you're into that.

    Ps fuck Siggy
    go bareknuckle.

    that way when you get the cheaper one, ie a pista, iro, fuji track, or kilo tt, you wont have to sell it after a couple months when you become obsessed and want to upgrade to a better bike.
    • CommentAuthorsmitg10
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2009 edited
    this will be my first "real" fixed gear. right now i have a 10-speed Free Spirit.(yes the one from Sears) and its converted in to a Singlespeed. dont worry i didnt pay too much for it!! haha. -- craigslist.
    and i have ridden a fixed gear many times....hooked.
    i WOULD save a lot of green if i didnt buy the buy nice components. so im deciding b/w the ANGUS, KILO TT, KHS FLITE 100.
    i have almost $700. but i dont want to spend it all on the took a long time to get that much money(im 16yrs old)...and i dont have a job.
    ill see what happens. im trying to decide now...but ill probably buy in May. lol right before summer starts.


    anyone else around my age on here?
    • CommentAuthorianmichael
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2009 edited
    i'm 20 and been riding fixed for about 3 years now, so that would put me about your age when i started. i can tell you this much, once you start you dont stop. you will get one of those frames (angus, kilo, pake) and then want something else. my two cents would be to save the cash now and see where you stand when you want to buy in may.

    but if you are really impatient, i would lean toward the angus. it should hold up pretty well and you might be able to get a couple bucks out of it when you want to upgrade.

    edit: dont get the leader if you are just a casual rider, it will punish you.

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