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    I'm just going to start addressing you personally, since you seem to always be the first to answer my questions.

    For my fantasy wheelbuild for the spring I'm considering doing the tried and true phil to deep v's, but I am beginning to reconsider this due to two reasons:
    i) everyone... every fucking rider i know does this... ii) i like the look of classic retro rims from the 70's and the deep v's just don't do it for me.

    so I'm thinking about mavic open pros. i know they're lighter and I am just going to go ahead and guess they're cheaper. i know that they aren't ~techincally~ as strong,
    but I'm fine with that. anyways I just want yours and of course everyone else's thoughts on the differece between the two.
    • CommentAuthorfixedpuch
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2009
    Thats why I laced my front phil to an open pro. (I have a fancy shiny campy rim on back)
    great wheel choice.

    The hoops are very strong.
    They do look great.
    They are lighter.
    They are not cheaper. about $20 per more.

    Here is my 2 cents.

    Save yourself some weight and cash and look outside of Phils.
    White Ind, Paul and Profile are all sealed bearing hubs made in the same process as Phils.
    The White may be a bit more $ but are much lighter.
    The others are lighter and cheaper.

    The only weight I ever worry about when it comes to bikes is rotating and wallet. keep the first thin and the second fat.

    The classic phil to velocity set is amazing though. Ride em like an idiot and rarely ever need truing sounds like a great wheel to me.
    Posted By: beater_peter_fixsuicide_doors, i know you'll answer this one for me WITH A BULLET <3

    I run Open Pros and love them. They're pretty much the rim to beat as far as training/track rims go. However, you're really comparing the wrong rims. For street riding, as you know, people choose Deep Vs for (among other, less practical things) their durability. The Open Pro is durable, but less so than something like Mavic's CXP 33. They're slightly more expensive than Open Pros, heavier as well, have a more aerodynamic shape, but are also much beefier and less prone to accidental damage. If you want a more general statement about Velocity vs Mavic, how about this: On the whole, Mavic's rims are better than Velocity's, especially when it comes to quality control. There is no practical benefit to DV over CXP 33 except price.

    You can certainly run Open Pros, I've not had an issue with them going out of true, even after dumping into a fair share of pot holes, but I know people who have. Depending on how your roads are, whether you will ever do a trick, etc, you will probably be better off running the 33s, DVs, or consider the Velocity Fusion.. I'm pretty sure 33s weigh less than DVs, and aren't amazingly common, if you're into that.

    If I had the money to build new wheels right now, I would go with the 33s to Formulas, 28h 2x front, 36h 3x rear. If I wanted color choices, I would go with Fusions. As it is, I'm trying to get a good used set of Formulas to CXP 22s.
    Suicide there are some 22s to Formulas on the bay right now. Like three sets I think.

    Peter also look into the dt swiss hoops as well they make top quality stuff at pretty decent prices.
    Don't I know it! But don't go telling everyone.
    • CommentAuthorSkidMark
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2009
    Just get polished VeepDs, that would be way more badass than boring ass box-section rims. Polished Phils, stainless spokes, polished VeepDs with the stickers taken off.

    Unless your bike is some sort of lugged classic retro-style rims make no sense.
    well i am getting an alien frame, and the entire theme behind the bike is that it is going to be as traditional as possible. so lugged everything, classy retro non anodized or powdercoated components.

    my initial dream wheel was 32L(3X)x32H(3X) unstamped phil single fixed to ti grey deep vs. but i may reconsider and do 28L(2x)x32H(3x) unstamped paul single fixed to open pros.

    can i get some opinions on phil vs paul?
    (also, pauls look more durable because they have dust caps covering the bearings.
    I liked them both equally and they were built very close to the same specs. Phils were 36 to deep vs, Pauls were 32 to deep vs. Always 3x. The phils required a little lock tite to keep the cog in place. Pauls never had a prob. But to be fair neither did my Formulas.

    Get any of those built with quality spokes and nipples to open pros and you will be super stoked.
    The Paul fixed hubs use a 44mm chainline, so you're going to have to either use the Paul cranks, or monkey with your crank/bb setup to get it right. I don't know what kind of warranty Paul supplies, but it's not going to be better than Phil.
    and the difference is 2mm right? phil is 42mm, correct?

    So... what? should i tighten my cranks just a little further onto the spindle? I know techinically this is bad practice but I think that a 2mm can be safely tolerated. If I am wrong then tell me so.
    I've never heard of anyone being unhappy with Open Pros. I built one up with a Sturmey Archer for my sister and it was a really smooth build.
    i meant to say off of *
    You would be better to get the correct bottom bracket to space it.
    Oh yeah and search around for comments on the paul cranks they had some issues early on and you can get some info on their warranty practices. Like Phil its just a few dudes running the whole thing so it should be really good as well.
    Posted By: beater_peter_fixshould i tighten my cranks just a little further onto the spindle?

    That would work if:
    1: the normal fixed chainline were 44mm and you needed to make the crank work with a 42mm line.
    2: the BB spindle and cranks you were using didn't fit together correctly to begin with.

    Since the first is not true, the second is sort of irrelevant. You need to make the crank less tight (jesus, did I just type that?) looser for a 44mm chainline. And no, before you ask, that won't work either.

    You just need a different BB spindle. Failing that, you can maybe flip your chainring. There are plenty of ways to make the stupid Paul chainline work, but it's a PITA to begin with.
    k nvm yall. im going to do phils to open pros. im willing to pay the price, plus the setup will be lighter, even though i initially thought that the pauls would be. plus i dont want to have to fuck around with a 44mm chainline.

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