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    • CommentAuthorsss4avant
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    Anyone out there know of any framesets out there on the cheaper side with (close to) mash geometry?
    Which size? It seems they change up the #s a lot from one size to the next. Or are you just looking for the forward sloping top tube?
    The affinity lo pro has the sloping top tube and aggressive angles. It goes for 500 from affinity.
    There is also a spicer sloping frame that is alu.
    Oh yeah, I forgot about those guys.
    I would go for that!
    The spicer pursuit frame is steel. I just looked at their website.
    really? I would say even better but your stoked on alu now right?
    Yeah haha. After riding a quality steel frame and a quality aluminum frame, I definitely prefer the latter.
    ahh to be young again.
    • CommentAuthorsss4avant
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2009
    i'd be looking for something around a 56, and ive been riding a steel frame and was thinking about making the switch to aluminum for a change
    there are some GT gtbs floating around used that should fit what you are looking for but other than that. you are buying the mash or staying with steel.

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