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    I'm choosing bottom bracket spindle length on Phil Wood's site (pleeease don't tell me I don't need a PW BB, I've heard everything there is to hear about that argument) and I am a little confused over what I want.

    I think I need a 116mm Symmetrical spindle for perfect chainline so that when the chainring is on the front side of my crankset, it will be offset 4mm to the right and on perfect line with the cog on my rear 120mm rear hub.

    I have no idea about this. That is my best guess, but please I would like to know how to properly determine spindle length.
    • CommentAuthorwes m.
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2009
    The people of velospace must know what cranks you have to determine what bottom bracket you need. I still wont be much help but Im sure someone will know something.
    sugino 75s
    • CommentAuthorwes m.
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2009
    Ok... A sugino 75 bottom bracket is 109 ISO. Phil bottom brackets can adjust a few mm so something close to 108-110 ISO would work theoretically.

    "If you install an ISO crank on a J.I.S. spindle, it will sit about 4.5 mm farther out than it would on an ISO spindle of the same length." -Sheldon

    You do the math for JIS, that way its your fault if something goes wrong, not mine.
    Determining Chainline & Determining BB Size/Spindle Length

    There has been a lot of discussion over the years about 75s and their taper (ISO or JIS), which has created a lot of confusion about 75s paired with BBs other than the intended 75 BB. A lot of people have run various Shimano BBs with 75s, a notoriously bad fit, with success. There have been a thousand threads over at BikeForums about how Phil recommends their JIS BB even though Sugino claims 75s are ISO. I have never read this coming directly from a Phil representative, so who knows.

    I do know that the generally accepted Phil Wood BB for the 75 is a 108 ISO. This will NOT, however, according to Sugino (via Sheldon), produce a perfect chainline. Phil BBs are adjustable, but 116 is way too long unless you have some sort of crazy strange chain stay design.
    • CommentAuthordanzap209
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2009
    Can I get some BB help too?

    I'm running a 80's Campagnolo Strada Crankset with road BB, my chainline isn't perfect. Does anyone have a suggestion on spindle length?
    Dammit, read the chainline guide! You have to do the measurements before anyone can help you. The only reason Peter didn't have to was because he is treading on a heavily used path.
    • CommentAuthordanzap209
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2009
    What guide?... I was thinking this is probably a common problem.
    It is, especially with road conversions. See below:

    Posted By: suicide_doorsDetermining Chainline&Determining BB Size/Spindle Length
    Fixed conversion for good measure.
    From what I've learned today, I will be choosing a 103 JIS-taper BB. Any comments?
    Comment was stupid as always, nvm and thanks yall.
    The easiest thing is to look at people using your frame (whatever it is) with a 75. From there you can at least narrow sizes and popular combinations together.
    • CommentAuthorwes m.
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2009
    Posted By: beater_peter_fixFrom what I've learned today, I will be choosing a 103 JIS-taper BB. Any comments?

    Comment: I have never heard of someone using that bottom bracket with 75s. The math makes sense though. 109 ISO - 4.5 sheldons = 104.5 JIS +- 2.5 phils = 102-107 JIS which contains 103 JIS.

    Phils are easier to install and maintain, more suitable for riding in wet weather, more durable, and all around better for off track riding. Some would claim that a perfectly tuned 75 bottom bracket will have a tiny bit less resistance than any cartridge bearing bottom bracket so it may be better for track racing.
    I stopped riding my loose bearing a long time ago, but it's true. When they're right, they're right.
    Yeah the only thing I am worried about is the durability of a 75 BB compared to a PW BB. Sealed bearing seam mighty attractive to me.

    Also, a little off topic, but are $100 1" threaded headsets really worth $100? The guys at my LBS always tell me to just go with whatever headset because there really can not be much difference as long as its sealed.
    Also, I just called Philly woodz and they firmly recommended a 110 ISO taper for the Sugino 75 crankz.

    • CommentAuthorxhzzyx
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2009
    *face palm*
    *pace falm*
    As far as loose bearing BBs and headsets go... I don't know how your weather is in the Canadian London, but it rains for about four months straight here. I prefer to overhaul my BB and headset once a year, not once a month (that is an exaggeration, but not much of one).

    Plenty of idiots will tell you that the Chris King they just installed on their Pista is sooooo much better than their boring, old headset. 90% of that is pure bullshit. You could replace their old headset with a new one made by anyone and get that kind of reaction. A lot of it is the fact that the new headset wasn't in need of a small overhaul, and the rest is just the brand name placebo effect. On a road bike, a sealed bearing headset of low to reasonable quality is pretty much indistinguishable from one of the highest quality. On a cross or mtb it is easier to tell the difference between $40 and $120 because the headset is used and strained a lot more.

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