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    • CommentAuthorJameson_C
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2009
    Hello, I am new to the velospace and fixed gears. I have alot of experience with road bikes and such. I am starting a fixed gear build and would like to know if there are any shops anyone has heard of around the St. Louis area which caters towards these? Possibly even Chicago? Thanks.
    No, there is not a fixie specific shop in St. Louis, I wish there was, but there isnt. I can recommend you to a few shops around the area though, as far as chicago goes, I have no idea what is up there.

    What is it that your needing?

    BTW, Im from the st. louis area, just a bit south, a town called festus.
    • CommentAuthorJameson_C
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2009
    I'm really just needing a little adivce. Although theres TONS on this message board, I get lost in alot of it because i dont know what it means. Im purchasing a frame online and would like to pick up components locally and have someone who knows what i needs. I usually goto big shark but alot of the employees dont ride fixed...
    I see,, well there is plenty of good advice to be found here on velospace. There is the widest variety of riders here that I have ever seen, and very knowledgeable!! Just do some research on the forums here, and if you cant find what you are looking for, just ask about it, and we will help out for sure!!

    I was going to suggest big shark, I although dont like going there, just cause they are not that knowledgeable as I like them to be about certain parts, and the mostly think that you need the best or its not good at all, i dont like that attitude. My bike shop that I go to is Ballwin Schwinn, in ballwin obviously, its on the west side of manchester, they can order anything, they will listen to what you want as to what they think is best. if you want a custom wheelset, they are best in st. louis by far, not just me saying that!!! other than that, you will probably get the same thing everywhere else you go, you know what I mean.

    For parts, I would just look on here for parts, or ebay, there isnt much of a market on craigslist for fixie parts, unless you order from a LBS of course.

    That is about what I have to say, if you need anything, feel free to message me or whatever.

    What kind of frame are you getting, what are your plans for it?
    I live in St. Louis (South County). Whenever I need a little help, Sunset Cyclery at Lindberg and Watson has some fixed gear riders on staff...They know their stuff and are happy to help.
    OH yea, I forgot about them, yes they do have some stuff, so they will know what they are talking about, and what you need

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