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    Im putting together a buildlist and I think I found a decent frame for the money's worth.

    Mark V Pro

    I am building a fixed setup with decent componenets and I want a frame to match. Phil Wood's, Deep V's, etc.

    I want to know what the general opinion on this frame is, and whether or not I should look elsewhere or a good frame.
    its a good frame
    I've never heard anything bad about IRO in general, should be a decent frame.
    The general opinion is that IRO is the best deal in a low to medium end steel frame. They're well made, nice (enough) looking, and carry a NMW crash warranty. Tony is a great guy and handles problems like no other.

    You mentioned in your fork thread that you're on a budget. DON'T buy Phil hubs on a budget, they will not pay for themselves in performance. This goes double if you've never built a fixed bike before. Phils aren't decent, they're the best, but you're better off buying IRO (aka Formula) hubs and saving the money. Formula made hubs work just fine and IRO will step up if they fail. Also, Phil hubs are magnets for theft, and you live in London.
    London, Canada. Most people on bikes here are poor and can't afford cars so they buy department store bikes.
    and thus, would not even know what a hub is.
    Ah. Ok well still, you are welcome to buy Phil hubs if you so desire. All I'm saying is that there are other things to spend that money on which will have a greater impact on your ride.
    On a scale of 1 to 10 of the quality of the ride, im aiming for an 8.

    I'm not going to lie, I want Phil Wood hubs because all I hear is hype over how good they are. Which does say something about me: I am looking for quality above all else.
    if you want quality in your wheels then dont get deep v's. go with lighter rims that aren't all hyped up. that's where you'll feel the biggest difference in your ride.
    I wouldn't say V's are hyped. Aerospokes and HED 3s are hyped. V's are just a very popular choice for rims. Thats coming from what I've seen personally.
    I'd go with Open Pros, personally.

    As for build advice, don't skimp on the saddle, bars, pedals, tires, and tape/grips. These are the most important factors in determining whether your bike is hellish or a joy to ride.

    As for the IRO frame, great choice!
    • CommentAuthorAKintheAK
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2009
    Mark V Pro is a great frame for the money, I've been hammering mine for over a year now with absolutely no complaints.

    I agree with the above about the Phils, take the money you can save by getting less expensive hubs and get a slightly nicer bars and saddle, a good stiff bar can really change your ride from my experience. I would also look into the IRO cold fusion wheelsets, they seem to be very good pricing for something just as good as a deep V if thats the look you are going for, but for true road performance, I would have to say go with some Mavic Open Pros (run those on my geared bike, run a deepv/aerospoke "hype" wheelset on my fixed gear which I love but are quite heavy) you can get a set of open pros there for 200 $ with forumla hubs and a cog/locking. After running several sugino cranksets I picked up the truvativ omnium which uses an external bearing bottom bracket which I have found to be extremely stiff and smooth +++.

    Thats just my two cents on your situation.... HAVE FUN

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