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    Tecnically, I hit her, but I had the right of way as she was turning against moving traffic. But she "was waved through". Save it BIATCH. Especially when this old bat was lecturing me about being safe. She asks me if I've ever been hit by a car, and I say yes. Then she goes in to telling me about how she rode a bike all through college and never got hit once. Well perhaps the difference between us is I have somewhere to go (in this case getting stuff for my boss) and so I'm hauling down a street in a town where the only cyclists are fat dentists on the Sammamish river trail and she was obviously crusing down the sidewalk at 5 mph on her Schwinn Varsity with a basket on the front. God damn, I'm good and everything, and the bike is a little banged up but it still sucks ass to have a CRV pull out in front of you and you plow into the side of it at 25 mph. What a bitch. Seriously.

    On a lighter note, the passengers facial expression was priceless. Nothing like some dude on a bike hitting your door to brighten up your day.

    Also, she didn't decide to call the police (perhaps I convinced her a little). She calls to ask if I'll pay for the dent (about 6" in the right front fender left by my elbow) and the gouge from my now ergonomically bent brake lever so we "don't have to involve the insurance companies". I'm not sure what that cryptically meant but I said no. When she asked why, I said, "well lady, you can't prove it happened." I told her to have a nice day, and our conversation ended.

    Share your vehicular impact stories!
    i cant belive she had the balls to call you and say she wants you to pay for a dent she caused to happen

    how old was she
    I ran into this guy because he opened his door right into me and then he started to threaten me right in the middle of the street. I had my wheel wrench at the ready in case things got out of hand but lucky they didn't. And my handlebar left a huge scrape on the inside of the door so he can remember to look next time he opens his door into traffic.
    • CommentAuthorkgons
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009
    flew over a taxi when I was a messenger in NYC.... needless to say I was not happy when I got up from the floor.
    i've been hit twice by cars turning without signaling and once by a lady who ran a stop sign. on one occasion, the bike was totaled and i had to wait months before i got a new one (didn't know where to look), but the other two left me more banged up than the bikes.

    i've been in a cab that hit a messenger, in nyc no less.
    I was riding my bike, which was then a beach cruiser, home from the beach one day when a lady in her car was stopped at a stopsign. There was no stopsign on my side of the intersection and i had the right away so me and my friend in front of me went through the intersection. This lady while looking down at her phone texting pulls out hitting the back of my friends bike and hitting me full on. I fall off of my bike and land on my wrist breaking it and have to be taken to the hospital in case there were neck injuries. There were many eyewitnesses including the previous mayor of the city who saw the whole thing happen. People in cars really need to learn where to look where they're driving.
    • CommentAuthorMaxThrash
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009
    I've never been hit by a car, but I've been knocked over by cars shifting lanes two or three times. I've been lucky, every time its happened the driver stops to make sure I'm ok and apologizes.

    When I was a messenger (in Chicago) I once passed a car waiting at a light at the same time as a blind man walking with a cane was passing. The man's cane hits the car and the driver yells to me "Hey! You hit my car! Stop!" and I'm all "Uh, no I didn't". The psycho proceeds to chase me through mid-day Chicago loop traffic. I tried to shake him by pretending to turn one way onto a street and then turning around, but he just did U turns in the middle of intersections. He even managed to follow me as I darted between cars and buses and slowed down to try and get him to pass me. Finally I found an alley partially blocked by a truck and slipped down it. I'm pretty sure if this guy had caught me he would have hit me with his car, or tried to inflict some sort of bodily harm.

    All for basically no damage cause to his early 90s Honda Civic (or something similar)
    I've never been hit, but have been cut off by cars in LA merging, changing lanes without signaling, failing to yield, etc. The worst of which involved a man, his lexus, and me. behind them in a left turn lane. He turned into the middle lane, I turned into the right lane, he then immediately, and without signaling, turned right into a parking lot, cutting me off. I ran straight into his rear passenger side wheel well. He stopped and I'm pretty sure he was praying as he was getting out of his car. Nothing much happened to anything, but he seemed relieved that I was not dead or bleeding.

    LA drivers have no idea whatsoever about how to deal with bikes. Now that I'm in Eugene, OR I have no issues whatsoever. Except the rain.
    what dent, i dont see a dent
    wow were you ok after that?
    Posted By: carbon fiber15what dent, i dont see a dent
    wow were you ok after that?

    My friend and i were riding at 3 in the morning last summer (completely sober, just for fun). We had lights, and we were just cruising down a street, riding single file on the right hand side, very safe. I saw headlights and i heard my friend go down. Before i could think i was spinning in the air. I got up and was pretty screwed up. The car hit my rear wheel and ate my bike, but i got ejected. My friend and his bike were fine, but literally every part on my bike broke, and still have back pain a year later, but i was really lucky. Also, I dont think the guy even knew that he hit us. He didn't even slow down, much less stop.
    • CommentAuthorfrogarm
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2009
    not been hit myself but I've witnessed somebody getting "the door" and it resulted in firetrucks/ambulance and paramedics and lots of OMG Sorry's etc... Yet I know lots of times they hit us and blame US for the incident, perhaps it's because many still refuse to recognize a bicycle as a Vehicle which has legitimate right to be on the road.
    I was not in an accident but my friend was coming out of the slightly hidden driveway on a rainy day on his fixed gear and it had brakes.
    Out of the long driveway near a corner is suppose to be a stop sign and cars need to slow down and stop but the sign is not there anymore I dont know why so cars are always speeding.
    So anyway one day it was raining out and we were all riding down the driveway my friend was riding pretty fast on his fixed gear which had brakes but since it was wet out the brakes did not work in time and he hit a car straight on broke his fork in 2 and cracked his head on the car.
    He is fine now but he is suing the city because of the missing sign.
    • CommentAuthorper.k
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2009
    as I was riding across the exit to a parking lot, some dude pulls out and is lookking into the street but not at me in front of him. He keeps creeping forawrd until he makes contact with his painted "fender" and scrape a line about halfway across it as I ride off amazed but unabused.

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