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    • CommentAuthorlatron
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2009 edited
    Posted By: scruggle
    Posted By: Joshua A.C. NewmanA washer puts the pressure at the base of the valve stem. A nut puts the pressure on the stem itself.

    How does the nut put any pressure on the stem? The point of the nut is to help keep the valve stem from dropping through the rim when putting the pump head on and during inflation. It's never for bolting the tube and the rim together tightly. As you inflate the tube, it's fine to loosen the nut. After tube/tire installation, the nut should be just barely snugged up against the rim to stop it from vibrating loose. Unless someone knows better than me, anyway.

    Amen. The nut is there to hold the stem in place when you're inflating the tube when it's near flat. It's never supposed to be cranked down, just enough to hold the stem in place. (A loose stem-nut rattling? Not in my experience.) It's always annoying to have to pump up a Schraeder-valve wheel and find that -- damn! -- there's no nut to hold the stem in place, and thus you have to grab the stem to stop it from disappearing inside the rim as you pump. Sure, it can be done, but why, when there's a much better way. Presta all the way -- with stem nuts.
    Has ANYONE here questioned if this kid was using the right size valve stems in his rims? Maybe he is using presta valves in rims made for schrader valves.
    Yeah! Maybe he is! But maybe he builds his bikes from the rims up and actually knows a good amount about bikes! If only there was some way to figure it out. Perhaps look him up on some sort of "website" where you could see his bikes and contributions to threads on mechanical matters.

    Latron, I suggested using another nut for the normal purpose in the OP.
    • CommentAuthorSkidMark
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2009
    Maybe he does actually know something about bikes, but is a little too rough or impatient when pulling the pump head off the valve stem.
    He's pretty confident there's something wrong with his shitty pump now. He thinks the grease in the head may have fixed the problem, but likes the sticky cloth washer idea from above, too.

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