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    i am looking for people in the inland empire area, namely menifee-temecula area.

    you can reply on here or catch me on facebook or myspace
    • CommentAuthorebrep1
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2008
    Temec-ifee area is way out there. There are some good rides in the actual I.E., Redlands ride on monday, and Riverside rides Tuesday. You're close enough to San Diego, that I'd go ride the San Diego CM, they always have a huge turn out, and you'll probably find someone from your hood down there.
    rancho cucamonga bike scene is getting big. but thats too far for you lol
    i know i am in a pretty shitty area
    i have ridden in san diego before, it is pretty fun
    i have even traveled up to san fran to ride, that is pretty exhilarating, you really have to know what you are doing to ride up there.
    im down... i am in wildomar, recently converted an 80.s raleigh.
    which part of wildomar?
    i live in menifee right by across the street from msjc.
    scott rd. between 15fwy and 215fwy. found out today a few people ride saturdays @ 730am from i.e bikes.
    where do they have the ride at?
    i have heard of a ride every saturday night in temecula
    im not exactly sure. temecula ride sounds like fun.
    temecula is pretty fun
    riding in old ton during the day with sweet because there are a lot of cars and you go faster than they do
    going down rancho is pretty cool too
    it is a pretty decent hill

    so you live off of scott?
    i used to a few months ago
    are you kind of close to menifee middle school?
    yeap. im on scott rd. dont know where menifee mid school is at. think i will check out i.e. morning ride this saturday.
    well if you ever want to ride or something
    or hear of a ride you can get ahold of me on myspace or facebook
    alright sounds good. saturday for sure. and nov.22nd will atend my first crankmob ride.

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