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    • CommentAuthorstreamers
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    I'd love to ride it, but I'm afraid it'll get stolen if I take it to the farmers market.

    It's a scott carbon frame something or other, circa 1996. It's absolutely beautiful, and it's probably only been ridden a total of 50 miles (that's me around a few blocks.) I don't think its ever been on a real mountain. It's red, scratch free. Looks kind of like the current SCOTT Ransom model.

    Anyway, I think I'd be better off selling it. Does anyone know of any bike "appraisers" in the LA area so I don't give it away. I know my step-dad loved paying top dollar for his gadgets. I know he got custom step-in pedals, new handle bars and gear shifts for it, a really sleek seat. I can post pictures if anyone can help.

    Check EBay completed listings, you can see what they've been selling for lately.
    Dude, bikes are to be ridden. RIde the shit out of it.

    Also... this is Velospace! Of course you should post pics!

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