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    • CommentAuthorESR
    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2009
    If i get this saddle, will it be comfy on a track bike with track drops riding on the street? I already know riding a track bike wih track drops on the street is rediculous and dont know why i do it. Anyways, ive never tried one of these, so are they a comfy saddle? or will they only be comfy in padded shorts. If this will not be a good saddle for me, can you suggest a more comfy saddle for my set up (track bike, track drops) such as an arione, slr, aliante, or ect. thanks!
    We cant really tell you what saddles are good for you, you need to find out for yourself and look around and feel what is comfortable for you there are no 2 asses of the same kind
    I agree with bensonisajew. I can say that I have put many miles on a flite on a track bike with drops and love the seat.
    I personally ride with a Fizik Arione CX with carbon rails. It's a fantastic seat for all around riding, HOWEVER, I sometimes wish when riding with track drops or aero bars that there was more padding in the nose, because I'm having to lean more forward. I just discovered that Fizik just put out a new seat called the ARES, which is designed for time trial bikes, because it has 12mm of nose padding for riding in the leaning forward/aero position. I HIGHLY suggest checking out this new seat, as I think it would be great on track bikes as well. I'm currently trying to pick one up myself.
    • CommentAuthorLoneWolf15
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2009
    There are differences between the old Flite saddles and the newer ones. Personally, I think the old one is great (I use the Flite TransAm myself, like the Flite but with a cut-out, also no longer made).

    Then there is the new design. I haven't tried it, but I know a number of people who liked the old Flite who do not like the new one at all, and this makes me leery. Also, the new one costs double what the older ones did (part inflation, part, IMO, ridiculous price-gouging on the part of saddle makers).

    I'd look for a used one or a NOS one on Ebay. And, I'd avoid the Gel versions; I've found them less comfortable than the ones without gel.

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