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    how do you keep you and your bike protected in the rainy season?
    • CommentAuthorOtto Rax
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    i plugged the tiny holes in the frame with wax and rebuild my BB after a rainy ride. towel the whole thing down as soon as i get home. throw on a fender, and keep a hotel showercap in my bag to throw on my seat if it's going to sit outside. maybe its just me, but grocery bags never worked to keep your saddle dry.
    You could buy a cheap bike, and just use that in shit weather. My bike is a pile anyway, so I just ride it. Fenders are good, especially the cheap clip on ones. They work good enough. It just seems to me that a bike should be ridden like a bastard pony at a county fair if you commute on it. Keep the nice bikes for sunny days, ride the Craigslist garbage when it rains.
    • CommentAuthorElijah12
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2008
    its a bad idea to plug the holes in your frame, if any water or moisture get in there it will not get out and it will start to rust from the inside out, best thing to do is keep them open and once in a while spray some wd-40 in there it takes moisture out and seals it from rust for a while

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