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    • CommentAuthoralexss3
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2008
    So, sad to say this but I just got some new parts in today and they don't fit. :( Isn't that the worst feeling ever? After waiting a whole week for them and to find out it didn't fit, man. I got a quill adapter to go in my 1" threaded fork, but problem is the quill is about 1mm too thick to fit in the steer tube. I'm contemplating buying a new fork because it may save me trouble in the long run. But I need to know if this fork will work.

    I have an early 70's Gitane grand sport deluxe with 27" wheels. I also lost one of the headset bearings (in a fit of joy/rage) so I'll need a new headset now, or at least a bearing. Do these Gitanes have some special size steer tube on them in that I couldn't use a standard 1" threaded headset on it, or rather use this new fork inside the gitane frame? I'd obviously have to hacksaw that steer tube down, as it's quite long.

    What are your thoughts on this predicament I seem to be in?
    • CommentAuthoralexss3
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2008 edited
    actually this might work better, as I may not have to chop down the tube, and I'm rattle canning the frame black.

    edit* foot in mouth - should have consulted old Sheldon before purchasing. Seems the French size steerer tube inner diameter is 22mm, while the quill I ordered is 22.2mm. X P
    French bike woes..been there. Go with Sheldon and sand the stem a bit. I taped mine off where it would be inserted to and just wrapped a piece of 220 sandpaper around it and kind of rotated it around for a few minutes. It was quicker and easier than I thought. The bearing, just go buy a cage bearing, they're standard and ass cheap compared to other bike crap. One more thing, when you cut the steer tube, thread the head seat locknut on below where you want to cut, cut it, sand the burr off the inside and outside edges. Then just thread the nut off and it will chase(clean and realign) the threads. You dont want to bung up those threads or life will suck. Hope this helps... Oh wait,. yeah, new the fork(not being French) will work fine with a standard stem, its the locknut that is too small I just dremeled mine out until the stem would fit through it.
    • CommentAuthoralexss3
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    thanks for your advice. I tried sanding it down last night. I got it shaved down some but not enough yet. I'm actually wondering if I should just buy the new fork so that the new headset/fork will be compatible with any future changes/upgrades, and also make it easier to sell the bike down the road. I'd hate to sand down the stem adapter so much that if I get a new fork it will be too small and then I'd have to shell out another $20 for a new stem adapter.

    Sheldon's site is really great. I've read many-a-pages on his site, but I missed the one on French bicycles. I think it will make good reading material before purchasing anything else!
    Yeah, all the info I have came from that page, so you're better off carefully reading and following his instructions faithfully. Good luck. P.S., hope your BB is good, because the French cups are really hard to find(I dug through a giant bin of cups at Yellow bike and found a couple).
    • CommentAuthorOtto Rax
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    ya, nab up any french parts you an get. anytime i find an old french ride, i pillage the bastard parts
    • CommentAuthoralexss3
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008 edited
    the BB is in quite good shape. I haven't taken it apart since I bought the bike, but it spins smoothly and doesn't appear to have any outer wear on it. I plan on using the cotter cranks and pedals that are on the bike. I think that fork will get ordered, so if anybody would like to purchase the french fork that's left over, let me know.
    • CommentAuthoralexss3
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    the damage is are on their way. so again, this gitane fork and headset (along with drop bars and pivo stem) will be available if anybody is interested, once I get my new parts and make sure they work.
    You mean the Pivo "Death Stem", yeah, just throw that away, you don't want to let that thing get around.

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