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    As far as performance/durability I know that 3x is best, however just wanted to know others preferences.

    Which lacing and why?

    From what i've heard, it is stronger. Haven't did my research on it myself. But that's just word around town. I ride 3x on all my bikes. But my next bike will have radial, just for looks ;) it's gonna be my show bike.
    • CommentAuthorbenhatton
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2008
    3x is tight.

    radial is fun if youre building it yourself, but 3x is much stronger, not sure what the hype on radial front wheels is all about on peoples fixed gears....looks i guess
    • CommentAuthorGone
    • CommentTimeOct 26th 2008
    I wonder why Keirin racers lace their wheels X4????
    Radial in the front half radial half 3 cross in the rear. Keirin racers lace theirs 4x because of the regulations set by njs. most track racers lace their front radial because of improved weight and aerodynamics (shorter spokes)
    crossing really only matters when torque is applied directly to the hub (only occurs on the rear drive side)
    I was about to type everything aliderkrasse there did.

    I like the way radial looks. According the Sheldon, the advantages are 99% aesthetic, and I believe him on that . I like half-radial in the back, too.
    I did 2 cross up front because I felt like it. I like it.
    • CommentAuthorAaron C
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2008
    radial lacing is a good way to void your hub warranty for while gaining basically no performance. also i find it hard to believe that there is no loss of durability especially if you are going to be riding on city streets..
    i don't know though, it does look kind of nice without overdoing it.
    wow no gain? someone really knows it all... shorter spokes and reduced drag is not a gain in performance? also 13% of lateral stiffness you gain when building the front radial elbows out is no performance gain?
    fuck the warranty!.. by the way: phil wood and campy just changed theirs to accept radial lacing... man I could go on and on about the benefits of radial lacing
    • CommentAuthorAaron C
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2008
    didn't know that about phil and campa, rad. i'm no engineer here but it seems to me that most people on here riding radially laced fronts are doing it on the street for every day riding because it looks cool. i'm sure there is a slight aero advantage to radial lacing on the track but i cant imagine for normal riding the benefits are more than negligible on say a radial 32h wheel vs a 2x 32h.
    of course the wheel is going to be laterally stiffer, you are reducing the chance for play. i'm not a wheel bulding master but i have built more than a handful and put in my wrench time and to me (unqualified anecdote) it seems like they develop a hop much faster than a crossed spoke pattern. just picture your hub being held by a basket of spokes. when they come off the hub at more or less tangential angles the little bumps and shocks from the road aren't moving directly into the center of the wheel. they are like little shock absorbers!
    yeah for road comfort I agree it might be nicer to cross em but for performance reasons I would always lace em radial also if you tension em pretty hard (230 lbs and above) they should not develop any hop (unless you bang em around of course... but that should not be the argument)
    For front wheels, you either get greater aerodynamics by lacing head out or greater stiffness by going head in. You can't get both.
    I disagree because of shorter spokes you would still be more aero and stiffer than if you'd cross them spokes I read the sheldon brown test results but they only indicate lateral deflection=stiffness the fact that radial laced spokes elbows in or out would be more aero is based on simple physics... shorter spokes=less material/weight= less drag=more aero
    Aerodynamics doesn't have to do with the amount of material. It has to do with the frontal area, which equals the radius of the wheel. (A moment of reflection shows me that the heads-in spokes are, in fact, out in the air more, but that's at the hub where it matters least. I guess they're also half a spoke thicker where they cross halfway out), I suppose they're slightly lighter, but you're talking about a difference of basically a single spoke since, over 32 spokes, they each add only about 1 cm. So the weight difference would be the equivalent of a couple of spokes in your pocket.

    I dig radial lacing on the front, but that's because it looks clean and simple.
    yup half a spoke thicker where they cross can cost you a win in a race amigo
    when I wrote less material I meant less frontal area but I should have specified that... my bad

    see I just like performance increase no matter for what cost. I don't care about looks as long as it makes me faster
    so after all that I still stand to my point: radial laced front elbows out=stiffer and more aero half radial in the rear elbows in=same thing
    • CommentAuthorAaron C
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2008 edited
    i dig. i like to race (on the track) when i get a chance. but riding for me is about fun, transportation and trying to get people out of their cars. i guess maybe i'm in favor of having things i can run over a man eating pot hole late at night and not have to worry about.

    it's cool that we can all have our own prefrence here.
    that's what life is about personal preference... the internet forums we go to and talk shit about them preferences are not really essential... just fun
    • CommentAuthorAaron C
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2008
    agreed. shit talking can be fun though
    Aliderkrasse, yeah, if you're chasing hundredths of a second, I think you're probably right. Me, I just wanna get downtown in 10 minutes. It has more to do with being able to brake and accelerate quickly for me.

    Radial wheels are also reeeally easy to build. So easy that it's probably not the first wheel you should build, since it teaches so little.
    yeah they are easy.I started with triple cross patterns and old cruiser wheels but found my way quickly to radials. I love that they lace in like 20minutes and tension and true in another 20 minutes (I know I could do it quicker but I like to take my sweet time). I also like exotic patterns but for a crows foot rear wheel you gotta calculate and buy like 3 different spoke lengths so I only do that for people that pay me for it... I like my own shit simple at top performance

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