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Talk: Favorite Bikes

"talk" is a velospace community forum. Every week a new topic will be introduced, and comments will be opened until the next question is published.

What are your favorite bikes on velospace?

After a hiatus, the community forum is back! What are your favorite bikes on velospace? Attracted to simple fixed gears, crazy chopper bikes, classic Italian roadies, sleek carbon track machines, American hand made one-offs? Share links of the bikes that you can't get enough of.

This is an open discussion - please chime in.

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except for tricks.
why is everyone riding them?


You can cut them down really

You can cut them down really small to have sharper turning and handling in traffic, and they are also more narrow for weaving in and out of cars.


they're comfy and cheap

winter bike build

does anyone have any great advice for a build involving a newly acquired F. Moser Gara Aluminium frame? Gears or fixed, Campag or Shimano? What do you guys reckon? I'm new to all this, am trying to get off the scott scale 30 and onto my own road creation. Any hints or tips gratefully received. Cheers.


dude just go to the shop or look at some other bikes or ride some bikes or do something no one will build this bike for you unless you pay them to... I already posted some advice on you page. set this up as a road bike as it was intended to be if you want it to be nice. if you want a cheap beater throw on a fixed setup as easy as that.

yes i got your advice..

thanks again for your advice, it's really helpful.



CF fork

hi just wanted to know if any1 has a carbon fiber fork dor sale??
PLZ need it by 31 -thanks

new stem and seatpost

i just got new handlebars for my bike, they are the ones that come stock on the pista, and now i am looking to get a stem and seatpost to match. anyone know where i would be able to find these online or anything?

You want the brand of the

You want the brand of the parts to match? That is silly.

Get a Thomson seatpost and a Thomson stem. They are the best.

put a WTB ad out for stock

put a WTB ad out for stock pista parts? is it a pista you are putting these parts onto ? if no they might not fit correctly.

Don't Do It!

Support your local shops!

track frame

looking for an entry to mid level track frame saw a leader frame on ebay for 189 just wanted some feedback on whether or not that a decent frame, and was wondering what other good frames are out there

actually a couple of my

actually a couple of my friends are using leader frames. so far they haven't had any problems with them. they might not be a cinelli , but i heard they're dope for a scraper. plus the concept frame looks legit.


its 189 for an aluminum track frame of course its not decent. you get what you pay for.

not true

They only negative on the concept frame is the seatpost clamp , which strips out easily. The frame itself in person is very good looking IMO, the welds arent the prettiest, but I think for the money it's one hell of a deal.

how can i set up my bike to barspin??

Have a Fuji track. size 56. Any one out there ever put a different fork on one to make room for bar spins??



Volume Fu Manchu forks guarantee barspins and have a lifetime warranty but they are un fortunately a little pricey

650 that shit

i ordered a 96 dollar Alex 650c from REI. not a bad wheel at all. it just comes with a quick release you might wanna switch out. that's just me tho.


just put a 650c wheel in the front

New stem

I want to buy a new stem. I'm riding an 07 Pista and i flipped the stock stem but now I'd like to buy a Nitto Pearl or something of the sort (I'm using risers). What size should I get? And how do I install it, or should I just take it to my LBS?

It kinda scares me to know

It kinda scares me to know there are people out there riding fixed gear bikes around the streets that don't even know how to change a simple part on their bike. I hope their riding knowledge and skills are better than their bike mechanic skills, otherwise they are putting everyone, including themselves, at risk!


...way to answer his question!

He might not put everyone at "risk", as you so fervently put it, if you would give him some useful advise numb-nuts.

yes take it to your LBS

You would need to measure what length stem is right for you and your riding style. Im not super familiar with Bianchis, but I would believe the steerer tube was 1 1/8th of an inch.

1 inch steel steer tube

To install a quill stem you need to consider a few things. Your bike has a threadless steer tube and headset. A quill stem will not work with that set up. Luckily there is a way. First Take It To Your LBS. They will have the right tools. The steer tube needs to be cut down to the stack of a new treaded headset (about 30mm). You can leave a little rise and add spacers if your not sure you want to go all the way down. Next they will have to cut treades into the steer tube, depending on the rise you choose say about 30mm. The first cut should be a light one about 40mm down, the second deeper to 35mm, final will be all the way deep to 30mm. This is to reduce a posible weak point at where the threads stop on the steer tube. The result is a nice tappered transition. From there you assemble the fork and headset together on the frame to complete the threadless to threaded conversion. Now pick out your desired lenth of quill stem and install it. You have the chance to ride the bike now so if the same length is working stick with that. Remember stem angle effects the resulting length. If you are riding with the stock pista's stem with a negative rise that will be the angle a pearl would have. You also may look into buying a different fork with the right length steer and already threaded. Good luck!

team raleigh, reynolds 501, sn wa4001831

Hi can anyone point me in the right direction please? I am considering giving my old team Raleigh a respray and was curious as to firstly would this be a worthwhile exercise and depreciate the bikes value or simply a waste of time and money? Also does anyone know where I I can find out more about this vintage bicycle from the serial number?

Need advice any help would be greatly appreciated

I was riding my bike today and my back tire caught a rock i tried to avoid. the rim is slightly bent... is there anything i can do, or do i have to get a new rear rim?

what kind of "bend" is it?

Is the rim out of true? Does it have a hop? a flat spot? Check the spoke tension , if one side feels loose and one side feels waayy to tight , then there isnt much you can do. It could be fixed but it will greatly weaken the wheel..sorry bud.

fix it

try to bend it back. there are several tools on the market to fix bend rims (it depends on how bad the rim is damaged) just check with your local shop.

stem diameter help!

My stem diameter is 26mm and i want handle bars that are 25.4mm.. is that too much of a gap? and will the handle bars wiggle way too much even after tightening the stem all the way down?

thanks alot.


yeah shimming would be the best, but if you're in a pinch you can always stick some bar tape in there... thats what i do with my brake lever that's a tad too big


Have a can of Hams to help you think it over.

shim it

go to your lbs and ask for a handlebar shim, they are cheap and work much better than jimmy rigging something

Need a rear cog, where to get and what one? Also Crankset??

Wheres the best place online to pickup a rear cog? my bike only has a freewheel on a flip flop and i want to go fixed. Are there better ones than others? dura ace lock ring best?

also i want to get a new crankset what one is a good one? for street use, i want something light with a good BB. Anyone know the size for a Cannondale Capo?


Rear cog :yes there are

Rear cog :yes there are better ones the others. do you know what size you want ? For a good cheap cog search for a "Rockwerks" fixed cog. Im surprised you LBS cant order parts for you. There are tons of distributors who deliver and all of them have track/fixed parts.

Crank & BB, these need to be measured ,depending on what crankset you buy , will determine the BB length. Usually the Crank manufacturer will provide the recommended BB length when you buy the crankset.Most likely your bike has an english BB.


Hey guys and Gals
hi! im very new at this velo thing but its fun and im learning plenty. well, i have a problem. i just bought sum rims heres the discription Ambrosio super Elite 19 rims-(made in italy), Shimano 600 hub, 13t cog-(not the right cog), cycle pro quick release and need a lockring. OKAY so my problem is that the 13t cog im using is too thick for my hub, no room for lockring, i DONT know if im right, but i think its possible if i bought a 16t (THIN) cog and a lockring. would that work??????????

Chrome Bianchi Pistas

I'm from haugesund, Norway, far away from any other one riding fixed geared bikes! Frome sites like this, I ve understood that my new Chrome Pista isn't the most adored bike in the "fixie environment"...Why is that? Because all the newbies ( like me) get those? Because they are shitty bikes? Ugly?

I know that most of the custom parts are crap, but I thought the pista whas a god place to start....

why people dont like pistas

they are considerd an entry level bikes. while they are sturdy decent bike they tend to break from traditional track standards to share more parts with modern road bike. and they tend to be purchased bye those who dont tend to know much about what they are buying.

P.s. i have one and love it but you might take some crap fpr having such a "main stream" frame.

Pista's are just fine bikes!

Pista's are just fine bikes! I have many friends that happily ride them and love them.

I would just suggest, slowly upgrading the parts on it, one at a time until you have a nice custom bike.

Also, almost everyone I know removed the stickers from the frame, and it looks much better. Or they had it painted.

biopace on singlespeed

biopace chainring is good for singlespeed or fixie? i think about chain tension. please help if you know something about this.
Jaras from poland

biopace is not an option for

biopace is not an option for fixed gear.


biopace is the bane of my existence. It isn't worth the hassle of trying to make it work with a tensioner for SS, but fixed is near impossible with it. Just bite the bullet and buy a standard chainring. It throws the tension way off.

Decals/ Frame names

Why are some people so set on stripping the names off of their frames? If I buy a Bianchi, Cinelli, Colnage, Etc, why would I want the name taken off? You wouldn't buy a nice car and remove the badge? Just wondering.....

Several reasons... First

Several reasons...

First off, I don't like being a moving advertisement. If someone asks me what type of bike it is, I will gladly tell them however!

Second, part of riding a fixed gear is the clean, simplicity of the bike. By removing all the ugly decals, it only makes it more clean and sleek looking.

Third, the logos on the bike do not make it a better bike. If you take the stickers off a quality frame, it's still the same frame! It's not like it all of a sudden becomes a crappy frame without the logos.

Finally, bike thefts are attracted to name brands. They are less likely to take a Huffy then a Cannondale. Might as well try to eliminate that so your bike is less likely to get stolen.

It seems to me that you are more concerned with the bragging and showing off of your bike, then actually having a quality bike for riding. It's like rich guys with cars. They just buy them to compensate having a small penis and make them feel better about themselves.

Justified Stripping

I can think of one reason why someone would strip the label or badge off a frame from a respected manufacturer. If the person thought it would make the bike less attractive to thieves. This person would also have to be secure in knowing for themselves, they had a quality frame with relying on a label or badge to announce it to the rest of the world.
Conversely, if a person was caught up in what other people thought of their bike, they might want to hide a label or badge that might not meet with the world's approval.

Oh yes I would and did...

Oh yes I would and did... took the Malibu/v6/Maxx/LS badge off the back.. looks stupid and what do I need this for ? So others know what I am driving ? Mind you, I would not strip my Miyata off !


name stripping

people aren't buying Bianchi, Cinelli, Colnago and stripping the names because they are good bikes. people just want to strip the names off their shitty bikes that are identical to everyone elses.

like people kitting out shitty hondas.

Need a fork, Giant Bowery!

I need a fork, Giant Bowery is the bike. The integrated headset models. Or any integrated ChroMo fork. I have cash or can trade for this bad larry;


Proper Handlebar Tape, Silca pump for '76 Raleigh Professionial


I need to know what comes closest to "correct" color
and type of handlebar tape--and cable housing--for a 1976 Mink Blue/Silver Raleigh Professional (it appears to be silver or silver gray in the catalog pdf) and where I can buy these items. It looks the Silca pump color for this year, based on the catalog pdf, is silver also...and does anyone know where I find and buy one of proper 1976 vintage?



does anyone know how to take particularly difficult decals of their frame? im pretty sure my steamroller is clearcoated. i like the chocolate brown i just dont want the obnoxious decals all over. they dont peel or scratch off at all. any suggestions?


Try warm water and then use a hairdryer on it. Acetone will make the frame a dull finish so beware.



last I heard, the steamroller decals weren't under the clear. if you can't peel them off for some reason, you can try acetone but be careful not to start wearing through the clear.

alright thanks ill try a

alright thanks ill try a little of that. mine arent peeling at all the just chip off in really really small pieces making it almost impossible to do by hand.

decal removal

hi,i have used nail varnish remover( the wifes) in the past when removing decals,dab some on an old but clean and dry teatowel and rub firmly,test on a small area first,hope this helps.

track frame ?

does anyone have a track frameset that they would like to sell. i would love a frame specially if it was a bare knuckle or pake frameset.

who r you

who r you because i was around the brooklyn museum and some guy stops me and asks me between a nukle and a pake. sweeet dejavoobies

what size?

im sellin a fully built up bianchi pista 49cm with deep v,s an all


i was looking to get rid of a lightly used 53 cm pake i got i a year ago never cut the fork that i got for it. ready for adjustment. i have some wheels on it too. interested . thing is i have to buy a frame asap after

is a 650c mavic 3g is great

is a 650c mavic 3g is great for stunting?

1 inch threaded headset

does anyone know of a decent framest that uses a 1 inch threaded headset? im lookin for something less than 800 dollars and better quality than my bianchi pista. it also needs to be in a smaller size, 46-49. thanks to any one who can help

Fixed Gear Disease (FGD or SSD)

I have recently acquired two fixed gear ikes and one single speed. The Single Speed is a new Van Dessel That I put a phil hub with a mavic open pro on the rear and a campy hubbed open pro on the front. I also put riser bars on it and Shimano XT brakes. It rides really smooth for an aluminum frame. I use it to be the engine on a train that includes my 5 year old daughter's tow behind bike and my 1 1/2 y.o. son in a trailer behind that.

I have had so much fun on the VD that I ordered a Blue TR250 track frame on ebay and some new custom Velocity wheels from prowheelbuilder. I also bought some Sugino Kyoto LOCO cranks for it in blue. I have not put ths bike together yet but it is going to be tight.

Then since I have been out of town, I picked up a vintage Norman Fay track bike off of craigslist. This has some vintage campy parts on it and a new velocity rear wheel. I have learned to trackstand and skidstop on this and it has been a really comfortable bike too!

I officially have FGD/SSD....

norman fay track bike

Hi, I used to work for Norman Fay back in the 70s as a frame builder and I would like to know if you still have this NF track bike and could you tell me the frame number . As I may have made it .

favorite fixies

A gallery of fixies on Oobject today:

Schwin Super LeTour

My favorite bike was a white w/red handlebars Schwinn Super LeTour II .. I think .. 10 or 12 speed made in the late 70's or early 80's. I moved & gave it to a friend in Denver/Boulder area. He moved & who knows what he did with it.

I've not found anything I like as well. I cannot use the new road bike kind of shifters due to arthritus in my hands. The old Schwinn had shifters down below.

I'd love to have my old bike back. Does anyone have one like this?
or suggestions what to ride?

Masi Barcelona

Hi All,

I am looking at a Trek 5.5 w/DuraAce. If I get it, I will need to depart with my Masi Barcelon #53/200 with 8 speed Campy Record, low miles excellent condition. I am the original owner and have no idea of the value. I heard of one selling on Ebay for 2000.00 and it wasn't as nice as mine. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Nidan

Dream Bike if Money wasn't an option

Look 496 track frame with mavic comete rear and an iO front. Haven't picked out a drive train yet but probably DA track group.

Now lets just hope to win the lottery.

My fav bikes

Are the ones I ride at the moment. Though a kestrel would be nice or a Hotta TT bike equipped with Tektronic shifters.





I have a special place in my heart for the outrageous...

Some of my all-time favorites include:
Titanic Triple Tandem
BT Pinkie
Single Deuce
Planet X Alibongo

Aerospokes ~ here to stay?

I heard a nasty rumor that privately held Aerospoke, Inc. is on the verge of bankruptcy. Anyone know if there is any truth to what I've heard?

These cheap plastic, and oh so heavy, wheels have earned in a unique place in cycling culture. It would be sad to see them go. I better get on Craigs and start hording -- they could be worth a small fortune some day.

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