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velospace is the place to share bikes! You are looking at mr_blonde373's friends on velospace. The bikes you see on this page were uploaded by velospace users like you and friended by mr_blonde373. Check out the photos page for more awesome bikes, or look at a random bike or two and make sure to stop by and chat in the forums.
mr_blonde373's FriendsMash x Cinelli Teschner Track Pro/ 55.5 cm /2008 54cm 2008 Fuji Track Pro Schröder frame w/ Campagnolo fork ends, 57,5 cc seat tube, 58,5 cc top tube Felt TK2 54cm 92 Cannondale Track 52cm BareKnuckle Mercier Kilo TT ANCHOR GT GTB Pinarello Surprise aluminum 53cm square Sanner custom made True Temper OX Platinum [OS]--> 56 x 53cm Bianchi Pista 2001 Colnago Master Pista, Team MAPEI GT Kinesis Pusle 80's fillet brazed 55cm Felt TK1 Kalavinka Giant Omnium 54cm YAMAGUCHI AERO TRACK Yamaguchi Custom Frame made of True Temper Bioconic-RCX tubing. Yamaguchi Original Heavy Duty Track ends 4130 Cr.Mo. Laser Cut 6 Colnago Mexico Affinity Lo Pro 2009 Fuji Track Pro 54cm Affinity Marta 60cm flat grey '77 Motobecane track with Bocama cut-out lugs. (Vitus tubing i think), 58cm Cinelli Supercorsa Pista 58cm Fuji Track Pro 58cm Fuji Track pro (gold ) fuji track pro 58 repainted '05 bianchi pista 57cm Reynolds 531 DB Tubes w/Large Section Chainstays & Forks, Campagnolo Dropouts, Latin Line Longpoints, and Chromed Headtube lugs Torelli Affinity Marta Broakland Pipe-Bomb Bianchi Concept 2006 affinity cylces low pro track med (55) 50cm KHS Aero Track Pursuit DIALED 56 Bareknuckle 2008 Cinelli Vigorelli 57.5 Gan Well Pro 53cm Mercier Kilo tt 60cm GT Pulse '87 Ciocc Enemy SLX SquareBuilt Hand made In BedStuy 07' Fuji Track Pro Cannondale Track 60cm 1985 Pinarello Treviso - Columbus SL tubing Bianchi Pista Concept Panasonic 54cm EAI Bareknuckle Faini Track Frame EAI BareNuckle (60) Pinarello Surprise Pista 55cm 2003 KHS Flite 100 Custom Cannondale Pursuit Tinazzi track frame (Columbus Cromor) Eimei keirin track frame 53cm, 2cm top tube downslope Bridgestone Anchor carbon track Cannondale Track '08 Broakland Street Fighter GT Pulse Razesa Pista (Spain) 54.5 Square Keirin Level 2007 fugi track pro 56cm Koichi Yamaguchi built GT National Team, fillet brazed, True-Temper steel w/ Columbus fork/track ends. KHS Flite 100 57cm 08 concept Home built tanakae bamboo with hemp composite joints, carbon chainstays and titanium hardware 2007 Cinelli Vigorelli Affinity DeRosa Affinity Pursuit 52cm Geekhouse Kalavinka 53cm soma rush (powdercoated) Bianchi pista concept 2008 1992 Cannondale aluminum 63cm Dolan Track Champion 60cm 2007 Pinarello Pista AL Rossin 56cm Colnago Dream Lux O.S.C.A. 61cm bianchi pista concept. 1992 Cannondale Track 60cm GT GTB Kilo TT '06 Bianchi Pista Concept 59cm White EAI Bareknuckle Bianchi Pista Concept 08 Custom Chris Kvale Time Trial 52 Cinelli Vigorelli 2008 Cannondale from 93 56cm Broakland 58cm LEVEL NJS Vivalo Fuji Track Pro Spicer Benotto Modelo 1700, 55ctc sq. bianchi pista concept 55cm Iribe 85' Torelli Pista Speciale 56 2006 Pista Concept TAKHION SUPER SPORT 51cm pista concept Bareknuckle Yamaguchi Kilo/Pursuit Team EDS version 1979 56cm Giordana Track Kilo TT 57cm kiloTT 50cm Cinelli Vigorelli '08 2008 Marinoni Pista - Custom Geometry Pista, rattlecanned blue Cannondale Track / 1993 Baramon light purple pearl: 54 st c-t/55.5 tt Cannondale Track EAI Bareknuckle 54cm KHS aerotrack 54cm IRO Mark V Pro 56' GT Pulse Samson Keirin NJS. 56cm. 110x8mm rear spacing vision sprint tsg Trigon Yasumitsu Schlapp Team Issue 2007 DeBernardi 61cm vail cycle works Giro 53cm Iribe Yellow Pearl: 54 st c-t/55 tt 2007 Fuji A6 Quartenary track frame Reminton 55 ctt seattube/ 54.5 ctc top tube Biobike columbus max custom made frame Steel frame totally original Fuji Track Pro 56cm Don Walker Custom FES Carbon Srint Frame Sparton track frame 56cm Baramon Keirin NJS, 8mm/10mm Suntour ends Colnago Pista 53cm Benotto made in Mexico from Columbus Zeta tubing bianchi pista/55cm/2007 Cinelli Vigorelli sparton 58cm Bianchi Pista Concept 04' Reminton NJS Keirin 54cm, white with gold sparkles 80's Tommasini Air CX with Columbus SLX 57cm 1997 Koichi Nakano red NAGASAWA Keirin NJS frame set (tange tubes) 1986/7 Eddy Merck Pista, Columbus SLX, Team Faema colors 2003 Bianchi Pista Concept 55cm GOrilla, streetfixie, steel, welded Bianchi pista concept 2005 59cizim 78' Windsor Bomber Pro 2005 52cm Fuji Track Pro monoc Schwinn Madison/56cm/2007 Bareknuckle 56cm, Powdercoated Bengal White Bianchi Pista Bridgestone 61 Colnago Super Pista Yamaguchi Aero Track 54cm Ridley Oval 58s Alan Super Record Carbonio '99 3Rensho/Makino stays 03' Bianchi Pista Concept broakland 1988/1989 Eddy Merckx Corsa Pista, Columbus SL Pinarello Bassano LEVEL Super Prestige banani track 58 with campagnolo trackends 80's Tommasini Air CX with Columbus SLX 57cm presto,lugged,njs,columbus tube Geekhouse Pursuit 57cm Medici Pro-Pista Aegis Victory (custom handbuilt carbon fiber), 54cm 1975 Raleigh Professional Track 52cm cannondale track powder coated Bareknuckle EAI Bare Knuckle 50cm 53cm Bianchi Concept 2006 pinarello pista Makino 51cm custom F.Moser Super Prestige Handbuilt 59cm Track Frame R U S H GT GTB 56cm '06 Kilo TT Fuji Track (powdercoated white) DABcycles custom w/ columbus spirit tubing Denti by Delta- :: Dedacciai :: Zero Uno tange 85th panasonic njs 51.5 Bareknucke Casati Early 1980s De Rosa Pista 2003 Cervelo P2T 58cm Faggin Bianchi Pista Concept Daccordi polish pursuit 57 Purple/Blue Area 51 Pista Concept Samson Illusion Columbus NJS Keirin cannondale track 54cm 2007 Handbuilt by me, under the study of Koichi Yamaguchi Bridgestone Anchor Keirin Waterford Track Colnago ?, Nervex and Bocama Lugs, 58cm Sadilah variable profile steel with curved seat tube Bianchi Concept (powder coated) Kalavinka Super Exhibition, Panasonic 'sonic blue' to crystal purple fade, rainbow metalflake. '06 Bianchi Pista Concept *BROKEN* 2006 Bianchi Pista 55cm 57cm 2004 Bianchi Pista Raleigh Rushhour Pro custom bob jackson track frame with paul adustable track ends and chromed stays custom yamaguchi road time trial/track hybrid 52 GT PULSE Level Inzed steel pursuit frame 700c Maeda  NJS 57 cm Keirin Track Frame (Samson Dropouts) Bareknuckle 54cm custom made by Jacek Orlowski, columbus steel 76' Schwinn Paramount P14 track in Silver Mist 2007 Tange 85th anniversary frame and fork bareknuckle Bianchi Pista jacobs custom track - columbus/true temper mix 1985 Serotta Track 2007 Rush Hour Pro Bianchi Concept panasonic, njs 1981 Bianchi Pista with Columbus Aelle tubing (56 cm) Late 80's Colnago Master Pista, Gilco crimped steel tubing. Colnago LUX Master Cannondale 1976 Schwinn Paramount Track, Reynolds 531, 58cm (GONE) 55cm Bianchi Pista Concept Samson Keirin Track bridgestone keirin (NJS) 1981 (?) Eddy Merckx Professional Track Model 1981 (?) Rossin Pista Super Record cinelli olympic Columbus lugged steel with Eddy Merckx stamped track fork ends 1970? 60cm Gitane Track 57cm 3Rensho Super Record Aero Cannondale Track frame 200? UNO PISTA 53cm 1981 Bianchi Super Pista 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept Team Colgate Paint GT Pulse 54cm Guerciotti Track 56cm McBain - Australian Made Custom 70's Bob Jackson Super Vigorelli Track (53cm), Reynolds 631 tubing Moyer Cycles with Sachs Newvex Lugs F. Moser Track 1984 Conti - Columbus tubing Samson Kierin, 56cm 110 rear spacing Celo Europa 80's track (made by Colnago). Columbus tubing. solid
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