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Jim's bikesAvanti Blade Pro build up Centurion Sport single speed Giant OCR1 2005 Zini Campione MkII steel ride The Tange Machine HMK single speed Mongoose Amasa Comp Malvern Star Oppy C5 Columbus fixed experiment Fuji Touring rebuild KHS Urban Uno Gazelle Champion Mondial AB (1991?) Fuji Finest II Clamont commuter Fuji Sagres 1985 runabout Merida Speeder T2 commute ride Blue Aussie track Alan aluminium cross Shogun 1000 Clauxmont (the 'could be' Clamont) Fuji Tread 1.3 2016
Random selection of Jim's friends | View all of Jim's friends Europa 57cm Shimano 105 Gazelle Champion Mondial AB Masi Special Pista 1968 Tarini - Firenza Gios Torino Pista Takhion Aero Pursuit complete (disc tubs) Zippy II Concorde Squadra In Soviet Russia, bike tracks you! shogun kaze commuter v.2.0... the (maybe?) less offensive version Superia track Miyata Track Bike Masi Pista 1978 Diamant Belgian Track Bike Puch Mistral EL 1980 Peugeot Super Competition CFX-10 (PX-10) Early 80s Fuji Intermediate Track 1980 Fuji Royale - 57cm COPPER BENOTTO pursuit TRACK funny bike 1985 Mongoose Californian BMX The Patriot (Completed, for now) Koga Miyata Runner 198? Somec Super Corsa Masi 3Volumetrica Pista Gazelle Champion Mondial AB-Frame 66 cm 1986 Pro Miyata '85 or '86 Miyata Pista Koga Miyata Gentsracer 2007 Waterford 61cm RS-22 - Reynolds 953 Stainless Steel Shogun 1000 Kumo Cycles Handmade Stainless Steel Winter Commuter S&S Coupled Gazelle AA-Special krapf Koga Miyata Gents Luxe-S 2003 Cannondale CAAD7 R2000 58cm Bridgestone XO-1 1992 with SRAM Rival Waterford 1700 Track 1980 Fuji Feather Professional BMX 1978 Fuji Finest MkII Rebuilt project: Performance R203 7-Speed, circa 1993. 1975 Masi Gran Criterium 1987 PUCH MISTRAL SLX PROJECT Batavus Professional 'Fast BAT' GT GTB

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