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1965 Schwinn Twinn

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1965 Schwinn Twinn

Original Schwinn issue

Original Schwinn

Rhyno Lite rim on a Sturmey Archer drum brake hub

Rhyno Lite rim on a Shimano Inter-8 Premium hub with roller brake

One piece cranks times two

Dual Brooks B73s

1/2" rubber block pedals with PC-1 1/8" nickel finish chains

46x19 on a Shimano 8 speed internally geared hub.

I worked on this one for two months to get it ready for my wedding. Stripped the frame by hand (chemical peel and sandpaper) and did a sparkle silver rattle can job. I put on a rear rack to mount the handmade panniers my buddy sent as a wedding gift. They are beautiful!

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This turned out great! Awesome job! Did you have pics taken at the wedding with the bike?

I just got a '71 Twinn. I was looking into putting a 36h 3-spd SA hub on it, but was worried it may not be able to handle the weight due the heavy duty stock spokes that came on the bike. Do you have any insight?


I'm doing a VERY similar build up with my '72 schwinn tandem how's the hub holding up? What fenders did you use? is the Rhyno Lite a 700c or a 26in? Are those the original pedals or did you swap them for something else?

Hub is holding up very well.

Hub is holding up very well. Climbs with no trouble, haven't seen any evidence of overloading. Fenders were OE, I just knocked out the biggest dents and used steel wool to get off as much rust as possible. Rhyno Lites are 26" with 2.25 whitewalls. I think I threw on whatever 9/16 pedals I had in my parts pile. Best of luck with your project, I had a great time with this one.


Thanks for your reply

I ended up putting on 700c wheels, but they've contributed to an awful lot of wheel flop, so I may be rebuilding the wheels with smaller rims. I noticed you switched the front brake to a drum brake, did the original caliper not reach, or did you just prefer that that style of brake?

The original caliper was

The original caliper was worthless for doing any actual stopping. The SA drum brake works great, plus it has the added benefit of looking like a Campy sheriff star hub from one side.

Rebuilding the wheels

I've become pretty unhappy with the 700c wheels I built - it really messes up the handeling. 'll be rebuilding them with the same hubs and rims you have :) Seems like the best option to me.

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