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Ratty '80s Stumpjumper

Bike tags: Fixed gear | MTB | ratty | specialized | touring
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So fun!

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Love these old sleds

I had pretty much this exact bike that I got out of a scrap bin (ovalized head tube). I gave it to a shreddy mountain bike racing friend of mine and one night over a lot of whiskey her and I re-rounded the head tube, put it back together and she's been riding it as her commuter ever since.

It's nickname is the 'Sober Soldier' because due to the hella slack geometry, the bike is basically un-crashable despite how intoxicated it's rider is.

Bare meteal FTW! (and

Bare meteal FTW! (and interesting crank choice!)

oh and those chainstays are crazy long!! what's the length?

Yeahh, the cranks were

Yeahh, the cranks were around so I used them, probably not ideal but they work.

No idea what the chainstay length is but the are indeed long. It's works though because it keeps my heels from hitting rear panniers. Crazy to see how MTB geometry has evolved from the early days.

Totally badass

ATB Dude this is the nicest old school mtb I've ever seen.A true adventure machine.I love the retro geometry and a lugged frame is always so much more pleasing to look at.Love this bike.I've finally snagged an old school 1986 Rockhopper that I'm single speeding at the moment.

Thanks! This bike has been

Thanks! This bike has been through so much and is still kicking. Can't wait to take it on a proper tour this spring.

Those bullmoose bars on your rockhopper look great. I looked into grabbing a pair of modern ones from Rivendell Bicycle Works but they are pricey.

bullmoose bars

ATB Thanks I also had to pass on those modern offerings,way too expensive.I gave one last e-bay search and these turned up and are stamped Specialized on the quill.The price was and I couldn't hit the "buy now" button quick enough.Keep that beautiful piece of mountain biking history rolling man,ride on.

My god I love this thing. 0%

My god I love this thing. 0% pretense, 100% go!

Saw this on PedalRoom and

Saw this on PedalRoom and your tumblr. Phenomenal! Have you seen the raw lugged MTB build on Prolly recently? Also pretty cool.

Side note, I love your Land Rover! I've always admired the early ones. Is the Econoline yours as well?

Thanks! I did see the Trek


I did see the Trek on his site, total coincidence! The 650b wheels look great on that bike.

The Econoline actually belongs to my grandpa. It's just way too strange looking not to photograph though.

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