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Specialized Allez Epic

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Early carbon tubing, aluminium lugged / 58 c-t / 1991?

Cinelli Giro d'Italia / 1A

Alloy / Campy Athena

Athena / Campy Omega / Specialized tubular

Idem dito

Athena / Athena

Turbo / Athena

Athena / ?

Athena Synchro II / Athena

Athena / Athena

Athena cassette 13-21 7-speed / 52-39

Pics show the bike right after I bought it: still some dust in the corners and edges. This bike had been hanging around a storage room for 22 years before I picked it up. Had been ridden 7 times before according to the seller: 2 times by his former boss, 5 times by himself. Never a long ride I suppose, inner chainring had never touched a chain before I shifted down. Brakepads don't show any wear as do the rims. In sublime condition, only the non-drive-side shows damage from other bikes being parked against it but I don't mind.

The ride is very nice, feels a tadd stiffer than steel but comfy as well. 1st Gen Athena looks very nice, only thing is that it needs some adjustment in the rear derailleur after 20 years of doing nothing. The 20mm tubulars look like new. Don't trust them yet though! Never thought I'd own a US bike, but it's got me convinced so far.

The frame looks to be well build. They say it could have been done by Giant in Taiwan. Some people don't trust the lugged CF, but as this is hardly ridden in the past, I'm prepared to take a chance. The details of the frame are fascinating: the rear brake bridge is wonderful to behold and the woven CF in the shining sunrays is something to gasp at.

Update: after riding it for a couple hundred km's, I'm simply astounded by the ride-quality of this bike. It's just fast and comfy and it makes me want to ride further and further. Just don't want the ride to end... Probably the flite saddle got something to do with it (that Turbo is not my friend on longer rides). The Athena gruppo is smooth shifting and running after re-adjusting the cables. The indexshiftsystem is definitely different from Shimano and I'm not sure is better, but still no problem getting it right.

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Nice Allez

Cool bike, nice to see it in Campy.

I love the

Campy group! Great build:)

Thanks, but I didn't build

Thanks, but I didn't build it ;)


I still like it:)

Me too!

Me too!


Fantastic looking bike!! Have you weigh it? Not that it will be 6Kg but how the first carbon bikes compared to the best of steel at the time. Congrads and enjoy

Haha thanks, Boja. I'm on my

Haha thanks, Boja. I'm on my way to the store for a scale so none of my bikes will have to go unweighted. I'm thnking about 9/9.5 kg, but we'll see!

That's Awesome!

Nice find. A cool bike in great condition.

Thanks, never thought I

Thanks, never thought I would own a US bike. Maybe my collection was a bit chauvinist so far, so this one's a very welcome addition and variation. Guess I'm not the puritan I thought I was :)

This One

I really like this one because it's much like the TVT/Look frames and the lugs are much like the ones on an Alan. The groupset you have on there is definitely the icing on the cake.

cool bike

it's a pretty awesome looking bike in general, it's a little odd to see this setup with campy, i've seen lots with shimano, but it's nice none the less....

awesome find as well, i love finding bikes that are garage queens.

Thanks, I've been googling

Thanks, I've been googling this type only since I got it and indeed all I can find is build up with Shimano. I suppose those were all US market bikes, while mine was apparently sold in The Netherlands by Soeteman in Dordrecht. They may have imported frames only from the US (or directly from Taiwan, IF they were made there) and equipped it with Campy either on custom order or cause they had the gruppos laying around. I like Shimano, but Campy is also nice ;)

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