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1989 Panasonic Phileppe Lauraire PICS Team

Bike tags: Road bike
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TBD / 58cm / 1989



Sansin sealed hub / Mavic / Panaracer

Dura Ace / Mavic / Panaracer

Dura Ace

San Marco Rolls / Sakae - Black

Dura Ace / Shimano HG-90

Dura Ace

Dura Ace


New arrival with numerous unique features. For starters, the name on the top tube is Phileppe Lauraire. If you aren't old enough to remember the 1980's and pro cyclists back then, he was a domestique for 1987 Tour De France winner Stephen Roche on Team Fagor and rode in the Tour three times. Now that MAY be who the bike was owned by or built for back in the day but I have not been able to confirm anything yet. It could also have merely belonged to some French dude with a sticker fetish.

Other odd traits include internally routed shift cables which are a first for me. I've never seen that on other Panasonics to date. The bike also has many extra Panasonic and Shimano decals which do make me wonder about the history. The head tube badge is a PICS label rather than the Panasonic label which is also strange.

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What a bike!!! These were

What a bike!!! These were made with TANGE tubing?? In any case, killer bike.


Generally speaking, yes. Tange Prestige or Tange 1 was the most common type used on PICS series bikes like this one. With that said, being a custom build bike they could also be spec'd with other tubing such as Tange 2 or 3 or even Columbus SL/SP since Panasonic had built other frames in the past with it.

At first I thought this bike was likely Tange Prestige (can usually tell by flicking it with my finger) but it sounds a bit different. It may wind up being Columbus after all. I'll have to compare it to my Team America and Team Japan which have Columbus tubes when I get the chance.

front and fork lugs kinda

front and fork lugs kinda clash with the modern appearance of the rest, but I love it.

dura ace 7400 for the win, man !

Killer paintjob!

Killer paintjob!

Thanks, I already know about

Thanks, I already know about that site since I created it. :-)

the 'pics' decal was actualy

the 'pics' decal was actualy a panasonic thing.I meant you could pick what color scheme you wanted.they offered 30 or so,if I remember.

PICS Video

I posted a video about the Panasonic Individual Custom System (PICS) here if you haven't seen it.

Super kawaii

Love it

Ahhhh sick!

Ahhhh sick!

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