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Brands Amsterdam

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Gazelle Reynolds 525 / 60 cm st - 58 cm tt / 199?

3ttt / Cinelli Brands panto'd (oh how Italian!)

Rigida DP18 on 105 hub / Conti GP

idem dito


Rolls / ?

Brands was a bike builder in the east part of Amsterdam (Javastraat) who ordered frames built in Italy (Columbus tubing) and from Gazelle. This one was built from a Gazelle frame with Reynolds 525, which Gazelle also used building their cyclocross frames, so I guess they're pretty strong. A little piece of Amsterdam bike history.

Now ridden by Joost.

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nice bike mate, saw one the

nice bike mate, saw one the other day that was a 'fereemi' branded as brands, full sr on it, think brands may have imported fereemi's and rebranded them-Brands!
If a fereemi you've had a nice result, is the bb casing Cinelli?

Unfortunately, no... This

Unfortunately, no... This frame has got Gazelle written all over it, well at least on the BB. So it's no Italian breed, but this way it fits more into my collection of Dutch&Amsterdam bikes.
Brands did import frames from Italy, but not strictly. There's a columbus made Brands somewhere on flickr, but that's no Fereemi. So maybe he liked to try different stuff. I met a guy last week at 'Fixmeisters' on the Overtoom, who used to work for Brands. I'll try to get some info from him sometime soon.

Ha, another pretty Amsterdam

Ha, another pretty Amsterdam bike. Nice colours and I really like those wheels.

Thanks! It were the wheels

Thanks! It were the wheels that made me buy it, in fact. A nice surprise was the Dura Ace seat post (that I removed and save for another project). Also nice that I had the Brands Cinelli stem laying around.

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