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Vintage Quintana Roo Superform

Bike tags: Road bike | 53cm | 650c | 7400 | Bladed spokes | more tags >>
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Quintana Roo Superform, 53cm, 1990

Syntace, Easton Carbon

Profile Design, PRO

Pelissier 2000 Professional hubs laced to 650c Campagnolo Sigma tubular rims with bladed spokes.

Pelissier 2000 Professional hubs laced to 650c Campagnolo Sigma tubular rims with bladed spokes.

Shimano 600

San Marco Pirelli Regal, SR gradated

SRAM 830

Dura Ace 7400

Shimano 600, Dura Ace 7400

55T Dura Ace, NOS Sachs 7 speed freewheel in back

This was a NOS frame that I found for a song on ebay. I wanted to do something different; I have plenty of road, track and pursuit bikes, so I thought building a triathlon bike would be a good idea. All the parts on it are either NOS or lightly used. The Superform was one of the most influential triathlon bikes of all time. I was told that no two Superforms were alike, each one received a unique paint job. I love the delicate wishbone seat stay and dual 650c setup.

I found the wheels for on ebay; the Pelissier 2000 Professional hubs are super smooth and who doesn't love bladed spokes? The rims have no trace of brake wear and the freewheel was NOS, so I am pretty sure these never even saw the road. Somehow, I managed to build this ride for less than two bills, everything included. Weight as shown is 18.1 lbs.

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I like that wishbone seat stay.

Similar to to the one on my Zunow frame.

You have a Zunow? Post it up

You have a Zunow? Post it up what?

Frame Only

Don't like the idea of posting just the frame. It's among other projects, upgrading, and what have ya. Don't mean to come off as making this shit up. The thing is the Zunow frame is going to be an occasional rider because it's small. You know how it goes, the appropriate sizes get built up first.

No, I hear ya. Good call.

No, I hear ya. Good call. Hummingbirds are special. I bet it's my size :)

Tiny Frame

It's like a 50cm. Hummingbird pantographing is on the Osaka made frame and there is a cutout of one on bb shell. Very special frame indeed. I really dig your Belgian track bike.

O that is small. I was

O that is small. I was making moves on a 53 once but that is the absolute bottom range for any possibly comfort. This boutiquey shop was selling one in my size for the longest time but I didn't have the scratch. Well, one day perhaps. And thanks I like it. It's my only track bike atm. After much research/deliberation I've decided it's a Presto(Belgium). Unfortunately it doesn't get used these days.

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