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1989 TT by Bruce Gordon/Porter Bikes (of NM, not CA) #1 of 3 SOLD

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Gordon TT (time trials) #1 of 3 / 58 / '89 - w/ Columbus Air tubing

Nitto RB-19 / SR stem

forcetta originale (="original fork") / Dura Ace

Specialized Stout hub /Mavic X222 RD14 32h (straight-laced) 26" rim /Ritchey Tom Slick 26"x1.0"

Ritchey Silhouette 32h rim / Ritchey ZERO system hub / Continental Ultra Gatorskin 700cx26c tire

Sugino Messenger 165 /Campagnolo BB (stock)

Arius Imperator /Columbus Air aero post (stock)

MKS /Shimano HG

Shimano 70GS friction-shifter (rr only) /Shimano 600 (rr.drlr.)

Shimano Ultegra (rr), CLB france (fr) / Dia-Compe bar-end levers

53t Shimano SB x 11-28 SRAM 8spd cassette.


This is one of my urban assault vehicles. I love this geometry in a city. Columbus Air aero-tubing, crazy cool. The 2nd guy who raced this bike pro sold this too me at a waaay low price. There were only 3 made ('89-'90).
*This bike is an AMAZING ride*

*This bike was made by a guy in New Mexico, not the guy in Petaluma of the same name!

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I have this bike stripped to the frame. I am currently stripping it of all paint. While riding this lovely TT I got hit by a car, I have replaced the bent Columbus fork with an -equally rare- Luna cycles fork in a deep-purple with pearl-white crown. The frame will soon be all black with a pearl-white pin-stripe following the curves of the lugs. The cooles thing is this: The frame/fork set was built here in New Mexico, the replacement fork was also made in NM. This bike will return to the streets soon folks. I promise you this: the pics of what I am now building will "rock you like a hurricane".

Looking Forward

to seeing the new version. Glad you're ok.

Thank you

Glad to be ok, fo sho! It'll be AWESOME when I am done w/ repairs and repaint.

Full Shimano 600 component group is about to be on this bike!

The Shimano 600 components are from one year before this frame was built. It includes headset, shifters, levers, derailleur, and brakes! Woot! Woot! Very excited, this will not be a parts-bin bike any longer.

can't wait!

can't wait!


Cant wait to see it built with the 600 components!!!

Did you put the picture of

Did you put the picture of Bruce Gordon up after Bruce Gordon yelled at you?

I couldn't stop laughing...

...after that incident. He was all fired up, no? BUT, then the same Bruce Gordon that made this frame/fork set ALSO made an acct here to talk to me about this lovely creature. He was of course very friendly. BTW, yes I did post that pic... for the other Bruce Gordon to see.


That frame is so aero. So is the seatpost. Awesome!


The teardrop shaped Columbus Air tubing is way awesome. BTW I put some new bars on it, pics soon. The bars I added are On One Mary's (flipped), will post pics soon. This bike is super mega awesome in a city environment! It's an attack bike, it tells me to go fast and has tight ass steering. Zooom!

Oh Yeah!!

I can imagine how fast that bike can go. I bet it's super responsive too.

pic of this bike in '89 with Bruce Gordon and Steve Hegg
The guy on the left is Bruce Gordon who built this and 2 other TT bikes, the guy on the right is Steve Hegg who raced it in a Team Time Trials record attempt in 1989 in Moriarty NM, USA.

DAM!!!! Those cranks look so

DAM!!!! Those cranks look so nice.


Wait til ya see the new bars I just put on, wowsa!! Check back in soon, will post pics.

So far I like the way it's

So far I like the way it's going hope it continues this route. What wheels do you think your gonna get?


I want to lace up a matching set of course. It will depend on what I can find that comes in a 650 (or 26") and also a 700. I will do shallow v's most likely and have been pondering a disk in the rear. Got ideas? *BTW Tracker, wait til you see what I did for bars. I put some On-One Mary's flipped. It is awesome, feels great.

Def needs shorter cranks!

The (175) Cooks Bros. Racing cranks are gonna have to go unfortunately. I am goin to try 172.5's or 170's even. If I even THINK about turning, my pedals scrape. I am worried about trying shorter cranks though, never felt right before. I will git used to it though.


Just put on some sweet white 165 Sugino Messenger cranks. Way better in turns, fo sho!

Bruce Gordon of NEW MEXICO, not the one from California!

Super duper rare. One of 3 made. Now on the road, sweeeet ride for one who likes an aggressive forward stance... and has a strong neck too. ;)

Time Trial Bike

That is not a "Bruce Gordon" bike.
I never made such a bike!!!!
Bruce Gordon
Bruce Gordon Cycles

Tell that to Jim Warsaw who bought it from you & raced it.

;) The awesome lugs and tubing sure look like your level of skill and artful craft! He is not some crackhead on the street, he raced pro nationally.

I did not say that it in not

I did not say that it in not a great bike - all I said is that I did not make it.
Bruce Gordon
Bruce Gordon Cycles
Petaluma, CA 94952


Now how many founders of bike companies chime in on Velospace to call someone out?

No doubt!

At least it was a Bruce Gordon, just a different Bruce Gordon! Now THATS a wierd one for ya.

I just read your thread!

What are the odds of that?

Nearly impossible, eh?

I was pretty surprised.

good start with the cooks cranks....

....but you need a more burly chainring if you are going to do the 1x thing. Get yourself a paragon 'big cookie,' Which I have seen in 60, 62 and 64, or even a cheap vuelta from j+b or cyclone.

Seriously though, do this bike justice and get a big ring in front, especially if you're going to have a 28 in back.

Big nasty teeth!

Just swapped out the 48t chainring for a 53, put some bullhorns (so I can mount aero-bars) and added bar-end levers. Once I get the brake-cables, a longer chain and wrap the bars it'll be a very very fast whip. Hope you enjoy this version! Let me know.

good call

You are right on that. Needs a bigger chainring.

We've got a photo phail here

...on the phirst photo. Naming a picture "7.jpg" is asking for trouble. And you have such a nice Bruce Gordon-y name for the BB photo...

Pic names.

Thanks, all fixed. :)

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