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Rolling Conceptual Art in the Style of Post-Armageddon Retro

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Medici Gran Tourismo

Ritchey WCS, Profile, Fuji


Velocity Aero

Velocity Aero

Sakae Signature, Shimano UN-54

Brooks B-17, Kalloy

Shimano SPD, KMC BMX

40-15 Fixed

This Bike was painted by my first grade students. I gave each one a turn with a can of spray paint and their choice of color. Afterwards, I clearcoated the frame and then the students helped me with the build. This is the second such project I've done. See "Fixed Gear Build and Painted By First Graders" for more details.

Most recently, I have it set up as a fixed gear commuter with drop bars, a rack, a light etc. I've put about 1700 miles on it so far, all fixed gear with my longest commutes up to 40 miles round trip.

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Projectile vomitting...

There was once a proud and dignified form of sport transportation underneath all that 1st grade projectile vomitting you call a class project. The fun is over. Take that frame to your nearest basilica, ask the priest for forgiveness and an exorcism, and then paint it. Go to're welcome) and you'll get all the information you need on bringing that creation back to life. You'll also find some real life information on that Medici and Medici Bicycles of L.A. Class project...1st graders...spray paint...Dio, aiuta'mi!

You never saw the bike

You never saw the bike before I started. It was a frame and a few bits hanging off of it. It was badly rattle canned a very ugly red. Flat red never looks good. A complete restoration would have cost a fortune in vintage campi and suntour bits.

Yes, I know about Medici Bicycles.

Medici resurrected

I appreciate the fact that you saved the frame from oblivion. A complete restoration is not always necessary, much of the time impossible. And I think too much is sometimes made of the issue.But a more appropriate/coherent paint job is the least a bike deserves. Enjoy the ride.

/\ bike jock

/\ bike jock



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