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Surly Crosscheck

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56cm Surly Crosscheck

Dimension flat top shallow, 3T

stock, Ritchey

Matrix ISO 3 Ceramic rims laced to Shimano 105 hubs, 32mm Panaracer Pasela TG

Matrix ISO 3 Ceramic rims laced to Shimano 105 hubs, 32mm Panaracer Pasela TG

Sram Apex Compact, GXP

Brooks Professional

Time Atac XS Carbon, Sram

Sram Rival shifters, Sram Apex Front and Rear Derailer

Avid Single Digit 5 V brakes with Problem Solvers Travel Agents, Sram Rival

11-32 cassette, 50-34 Compact crankset, Bikes at Work trailer

Finally converted it to have brifters! I'm really happy with the way it performs and it feels like a brand new bike all over. The Sram Appex should work well for what I intend to carry.

This bike is perfect for all around duty. It was from buying this that I had the idea of selling the IRO and buying the same frame since it is so versatile. Since it had gears, I bought a Bikes at Work trailer to make it into a full "car". The geometry is a really nice blend for road training and hauling duties.

Eventually I want to convert this to have brifters so I can switch it between road bike usage and hauling duty. The geo works perfect for doing a lot of hauling I just need to get a bigger gear cluster for when things get really heavy. So far I've hauled around 50lbs on the Bikes at Work Trailer.

* Finally made it into a brifter bike with some Sram Apex. Rides really well.

* Took the hitch off so the other Disc check could be the trucker

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We have basically the same

We have basically the same bike

I want one!

just like this, I have a decent track bike, sweet road bike, and now if I only could build up a surly like this for touring/hauling. Perfect... you have had some really unique bikes over the years. That spectrum gt.. drooling still.

Thanks. It's a really good

Thanks. It's a really good frame to play around with.

Since I don't have a car the bike taste has evolved over time since it still works out much cheaper than a car. Each bike has a different use which cummulatively adds up to what 1 car can do. A car can do everything a bike can do with ease and speed, but it's not as fun or healthy :)

killer cars

yeah, but i can take my station wagon down some single track like i can my bike!

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