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My Green Schwinn Varisty Single Speed

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1972 Schwinn Varsity 10 speed, pure steel

Flip chop bull horns

Green Schwinn Arrow stock

27x1 1/4

27x1 1/4



stock, chain was broken and links taken out.

BMX 17t Free wheel

This was my 2nd single speed conversion, bought for . Rebuilt and turned into a SS. weighed a ton. Sold for 0 via Craigslist. Now I think it's in Sac town.

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yeah , ive just been

yeah , ive just been collecting bikes lately i have 3 running and 5 frames , i just picked up a motobecane super mirage today that i am working on , kinda heavy but i think it will be ok when i get done with it , planning on selling it so

yeh they are kinda heavy but

yeh they are kinda heavy but i think thats ok , i love my mirage tho its just a little to small for me , i sent the supermirage (sans all the cable stops and stuff it doesnt need , thank god for dremel) to the guy to powdercoat it so well see how it is when i get done with it
it weighs a little less than my schwinn sprint :-/ but thats what you get with early 80's production bikes sans heading into bankrupcy
the mirage tho is LIGHT

i just got a really sassy

i just got a really sassy orange one of these from goodwill for 5 buckx
im working on stripping it down and starting the rebuild next week
i have another schwinn (sprint) that is almost done that i should be putting up on here in a few weeks

Makin money now!

They are cool lookin but they are very heavy, even with all of the stuf off of it. At least you had an aluminum stem for what it's worth (I think). Good work on that conversion though, do that a few times an you could pic your self up CroMo bike in no time.

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