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Peugeot course conversion "Claire de Lune" (Retired)

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Peugeot course

stock steam, nitto track drops


marchined velocity Deep-V, formula hub

velocity Deep-V, formula hub

Strong light, stock

brooks, unknown seat post

52 tooth chain ring, 17 tooth surly cog EDIT: switched to a 19 tooth cog for my knees sake

So i bought this bike as an already converted fixed gear. since i have had it i have updated the wheels and tires to 700cc, because the old ones were slightly more than tired wheels. new bars, new seat. I couldn't be more happy with it. It is a really well balanced bike and super comfortable to ride. It was my commuter for a good two years, but i have since fallen in love with road bikes, so i really only ride this from time to time.

retired - It developed a bubble in the top tube a long while back, but then the other day i noticed that there is starting to be a bubble in the down tube as well, so I took it into R&E to get a frame builders opinion,... he says I should not be riding it. I am going to miss the hell out of this bike. I loved that frame.

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ahhh man bummer about the bubbles steven. tragedy.

Great photos, sweet ride,

Great photos, sweet ride, and my favorite composer. Well done. ^^

Looks great man! The silver

Looks great man! The silver and white is a nice combo. My name's Steve and I own a Peugeot too :) Check it out:

I believe I have the same

I believe I have the same model as you (PKN-10E).

yeah sounds like its pretty close

I have seen a lot of frames that are just slightly different. Usually they don't have "course" on the top tube, but yours sounds right.

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