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    • CommentAuthorMANNY E
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2010
    Sometimes I hear some gritty sounding noises after i ride in the rain on city streets. I've taken my crank and shit off before and blasted the BB with some STP lube. Is that realy necessary?
    First's probably your chain, not your bottom bracket. Second, STP lube is not what you use on bikes, especially bottom brackets.

    *sigh* Here we go.
    • CommentAuthorMANNY E
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2010
    Posted By: terrible_one49First's probably your chain, not your bottom bracket. Second, STP lube is not what you use on bikes, especially bottom brackets.

    *sigh* Here we go.

    *sigh* I will stop using that stuff and I'll just clean my chain thanks buddy.
    • CommentAuthorSkidMark
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2010
    You use grease in a bottom bracket.
    • CommentAuthorMANNY E
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2010
    Posted By: SkidMarkYou use grease in a bottom bracket.

    I did when I installed it. I just did not know how to go about getting the road grime out after a rainy ride.
    Using STP lube was clearly a bad choice. JEEZ SORRY GUYS!
    You've got a sealed bottom bracket which doesn't require maintenance. You can clean out the ends with a Q-tip if you really want to be all OCD about cleanliness, but it isn't necessary at all. Wipe your bike off with a soapy towel, lube the chain and be done with it.
    • CommentAuthorRuffinit
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2010
    +1 to TO49.. It's probably the chain and because the chain is pretty tight on a SS/FG, you're hearing all the sand that's sprayed up from your front tire being crushed between the chainring and your chain.
    • CommentAuthorBamfs01
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2010 edited
    Chain should not be tight. You'll want some play. Not too lose, but not tight.
    • CommentAuthorpeazweag
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2010
    I ride in the rain all the time,just ride bike and do maitinance as needed a little grit on the chain won't hurt anything.get a sealed BB
    • CommentAuthorper.k
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2010 edited
    yeah I figure if my chain makes some noise it announces my impending arrival to others ;)

    or just throw some lube on there, I've got this stuff called Pro-link that supposedly helps to remove the crud as it lubricates
    • CommentAuthorokayplus
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2010
    on a slightly different topic, I've got some creaking and or ratcheting sound coming from my non-drive side crank arm. my plan is to remove the cranks, clean, and re-grease as needed. any useful input would be appreciated.
    My right crank creaks when the weather changes. Then it stops. Usually, taking it off, regreasing, then reinstalling it fixes it.

    It's pretty hard to beat Tri-Flow for the drive train, as long as you can stand the banana smell.
    • CommentAuthorayyyyy
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2010
    white lightning wax lube is pretty sweet, keeps your chain from getting all grimy. gotta reapply it pretty often but it works the best.
    I've tried it an was really unimpressed. White Lightning might be good if you bike in a hermetically sealed clean room, but it seemed to me like I'd have to relube every day.
    • CommentAuthorcloud
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2010
    I've had the same experience with white lighting. Not a fan.
    Sometimes my black friends call me white lightenig.
    i use automatic transmission fluid for my chain, just because i have it readily available. siiilent
    • CommentAuthorstillthere
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2010
    I always use engine oil to lube my chain for the past decade, simply because it is readily available too.

    With rain capes specially designed for riding (one home one in office), and have the spare socks and pants also always readily available in work place, I never see riding in rain is an issue at all.
    • CommentAuthorgreg
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2010
    I was happy to ride in the brief rain this morning for the cooling effect
    Posted By: Justin BeiberSometimes my black friends call me white lightenig.

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