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    I'm interested in buying a fuji track comp. So any reviews would be nice.
    • CommentAuthorquidose
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2009 edited
    it seems like a minor reduction in quality, both of components (e.g. a lot of fuji branded components, including crankset, albeit 144bcd) and frame material (altair 2), when compared to previous ftp's (fsa carbon, deda, san marco, and a6); but the comp does come with the same wheelset as recent model year track pros. on the other hand, the most current ftp (which is probably the best one yet, save for maybe 2004 when s75s were stock componentry) sems like an upgrade from previous ftp's, which would make older track pros somewhere between the comp and the new ftp. i have ridden many different model year ftp's, but i have not ridden the comp. i'd imagine it to feel like an ftp in need of some upgrades. you may want to reconsider your options in that price range, unless you can still get one for around 800 new and complete.

    i hope some of those who own and/or have ridden both will contribute.
    The only thing I'm worried about is the material on the Fuji Track Comp. I ride a Leader 735tr and its super noisy/creaky. I'm worried about material failure, basically feel like I'm gonna die when I ride it. So how would the FTC compare material wise? I'm not worried about componentry. I run thomson stem/seatpost, specialized phemon saddle, deda pistas, and sram omniums on my leader so I would just transfer the componentry over.
    • CommentAuthorthe rabbi
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2009
    best bet might just to be buy an older ftp frameset if it's the the look your after.
    • CommentAuthorquidose
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2009 edited
    Posted By: the rabbibest bet might just to be buy an older ftp frameset if it's the the look your after.

    exactly. if you're just going to transfer over all your current components, then there's not much use in buying a complete bike (especially when said components are probably better than those that come on the complete). i'm not sure of the aluminum used on leaders, but it is in all likelihood not quite as good as the altair 2 tubing used on the comp; and the altair 2 is not quite as good as a6 tubing, which is used on all ftp's from 2005-present. so, like rabbi said, just get yourself an older model ftp frameset and you should be good to go. it will be a better ride and a better quality frame than your leader, and you will also probably feel safer at higher speeds. and besides, the wheels and components on your leader deserve a better frame.
    i've had my fuji track comp since july. i got a real good deal on it from the bike biz in sacramento. i started racing w/ it at hellyer velodrome this past season. i've had no problems with it at all so far (components wise). i do use it to commute around w/ on the daily but i run a street set up different from the stock components. i really like this bike for the track... if you're gonna use it for the street.... go w/ something else that's steel and not aluminum.

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